Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dr Jart Premium BB Cream

I am hugely interested in BB creams, before they were available from the UK I had bought quite a few different ones from Ebay from various countries and I have really enjoyed trying them out. I find BB Creams are perfect for keeping the dullness my skin suffers from at bay while giving me the SPF coverage that I want. In saying that I tend to stick to BB's on the weekends when I want something lighter on my skin and that isn't required to last all day and evening as I have yet to find one with the longevity and full coverage that I am after for day to day wear. Of course this did not stop me trying out pretty much every BB cream that has hit our shores in the last year, and out of the ones I had tried so far none matched up to their Korean counter parts in term of skin care benefits and finish.

Enter Dr Jart and his line of BB creams, these are the first ones that even the packaging got me excited! The tube is big which instantly appeals to me considering the price, and is cased in a tough exterior which is completely unique and so practical. I mean how many times have you burst, crumpled, ripped a tube of product trying to squeeze it all out? This is completely secure and travel friendly and best of all is the holy grail- A PUMP! praise be, a company has given me what I want, a nice hygienic easy to handle pump dispenser. I cannot believe how many products still don't do this! Bravo Dr Jart, before even trying out the product you have major bonus points from me.

Ok so on to the cream, this particular one is not possibly the best one for my skin type as its designed to benefit over 30's skin with its anti ageing and moisturising  properties. It gives a low coverage and glossy look to the skin which I do adore but with my greasy features I do find that this is looking particularly shiney  by later in the day which needs a little powder but I can imagine this would be perfect for drier skin types. The coverage is definately low but this BB cream certainly feels a lot more luxurious and 'expensive' on the skin in comparison to the drug store brands I have tried so far. It applies incredibly smoothly and blends beautifully, it comes in one colour that adapts to your tone and is not horribley ashy like some or doesn't oxidise to an 'orengey' look either. I love the super high SPF, to me this is the best feature of a BB cream and I hate that so many don't even come with any.

I loved this version so much I purchased the Water Fuse version with its extra sebum controlling properties last week when they were on sale in Boots- I think it could be the perfect BB Cream for me!

working the Dr Jart BB Cream
You can buy the Dr Jart Premium BB Cream and the other version from Boots priced between £18-24.

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  1. Love the finish of this BB cream, need to try it out soon!!! :)


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