Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash

I think I have found the answer to a problem that has bothered me for YEARS, since I was a little girl in fact and I had to share it with you. I used to scream and shout when I had my hair brushed, it was down to my bum and it was a nightmare of tangles and knots that were sore to get out, if only my mum back then had a Tangle Teezer to do the job with! My hair is no longer that long but it is still a total riot of tangles from endless messy top knots and back combing that is a constant battle to brush through.

I had heard of the Tangle Teezer so many times ( thanks to its visit to the BBC's Dragon's Den) but stupidly ignored it and thought it couldn't be as good as people say so I carried on with my cheap imitation brush - how wrong I was!  few months ago  a hairdresser used a regular tangle teezer and I could not believe how easily it went through my thick hair, it was love at first use! But now the clever bods at Tangle Teezer have only gone and solved the much bigger problem I was having with my mane, getting the knots out during and post hair washing. As it is pretty long right now when I was shampooing I found I couldn't properly get all the product out because of all the knots that would create ( I try not to use conditioner because my hair turns greasy very quickly) and it was driving me mad.

Enter- Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, their special brush for just this problem and it is fab!  it is as practical as it is eye catching and it does an amazing job of combing out my wet hair and limiting the amount of breakage- no wonder it has an impressive collection of beauty awards!

hollow design for water flow
 It stands upright in my shower easily, and has a lightweight hollow design for holding and for the water draining away. It also does a wonderful job of helping distribute hair masks through my hair evenly which I have always found tricky! I did find that a I dropped it a couple of times and could possibly use a non slip pad on the back from holding, but aside from that the aqua splash is a fantastic product that I will be telling everyone about.

main product image

I think they would make the perfect stocking fillers this Christmas so if you know anyone with long, thick or just unmanageable hair I totally recommend picking this up for them- they will definitely thank you.

You can buy the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash from Boots, but also BeautyBay where it is currently £11.25 with free delivery- a bargain!

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