Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Holiday Heroes- Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

I have mentioned Montagne Jeunesse face masks on the blog a couple of times as they are one of my absolute skin saviours all year round. I headed off for a couple of weeks in Poland recently and these were actually one of the first things I popped into my toiletries bag as I knew they would come in handy.

I chose to take along the ones above and found they were perfect for having with me, flat and easy to pack, and I was prepared for any skin nightmares I might encounter from a change in climate and a hell of a lot of bad food and booze! Within a couple of days my skin had gone mad and on the first evening we actually came home at a decent hour, I managed to fit in a little spa away from home pamper shower complete with face mask to try and calm my skin. I am so glad I took these with me, and I totally recommend picking up a couple if you are heading away for a late break this year.

I adore that these products are all made from natural ingredients and are paraben free and completely affordable, no wonder they sell an  incredible 30 000 a day in the UK!

You can pick up their extensive range from the Montague Jeunesse website 

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