Friday, 19 October 2012

Glasgow Reviewed: Wahanda.Com

When you live in a big city like I do you are surrounded by countless hairdressers, salons and places for spa treatments. This is fab for having so many offers and deals available to you, but finding out about all those deals and picking the best one can be a nightmare! A site that I have heard a lot about from Bloggers in England is Wahanda but it is not somewhere I had thought of using for Glasgow until recently. The team at Wahanda wanted me to give the experience a go and look for deals on hairdressers in Glasgow and were lovely enough to send me a voucher to give it a shot- how could I say no?!

I found the site easy to navigate and appealing to the eye- clean looking and simple. You pop in what kind of service you are after and where and you will be met with a huge list of fabulous deals you can buy through the site and book. The only part I found slightly confusing was with some of the Glasgow salons not  having all of their deals available on line and you needed to call them to request prices. That wasn't the case with all of them however and I think it could be to do with the site only starting to build its offers in Glasgow. It wasn't a huge problem for me as there was still plenty of great deals to pick from and I enjoyed finding out lots of places I wouldn't have thought of to go to.

Book and Go!
The whole process was no fuss and no mess which is exactly what I was after; I picked my deal at a hairdressers I had wanted to try near my home, paid for the deal and printed off my voucher and called to book my appointment. I chose to try out a hairdressers not far from my flat called James Hughes which I have passed a few times and been really intrigued by- but because it is not somewhere I had been before I stupidly dismissed it!

I loved the salon, the owner is absolutely delightful and was so patient with me on the phone when I was asking LOADS of questions about permanent dye and how it would work on my self dyed hair!The inside of the place looks very cool and fresh and I loved the rock edge- I just got a few colours threaded through my hair, subtle but a fantastic experience and I look forward to going along again- so thanks Wahanda for helping me discover a gem.

 They cover all sorts of deals all over the country from beauty to yoga classes so make sure you check it out and discover gems in your own area!

Happy Friday everyone, have an amazing weekend


  1. The website sounds great, and the salon looks very stylish!


    1. it really was- much cooler in loads I have been in before :0 xx


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