Thursday, 25 October 2012

Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes Kit

Make up kits have been a bit of a love/hate relationships for me in the past. I usually find I fall in love with just a couple of colours in them but don't want the rest so they are too big to schlep around for just those shades, and no amount of trying to depot ever works without totally ruining the whole thing! 

These reservations certainly changed when this little beauty from Benefit arrived with me , It was love at first sight thanks to the stunning eye shadow shades inside. The Peek a Bright Eyes Kit has everything you need for bright looking , defined eyes that POP and is the perfect size for keeping with you on the go.

The kit contains;

Buff base shadow
Pearly Pink Highlight shadow
Warm Chocolate Contour Shade
and brightening Eye Bright
and a decent sized mirror

It also comes with a concealer brush and a contour and liner brush that unlike loads of kits I have seen are actually useful and good too.

This video will explain the best way to use the Peek A Bright kit much better than I can...

I wore the full combination yesterday for the first time and I was genuinely blown away with how intact the shadows were at the  end of a long day and gym visit! I knew I loved the colours but I did not expect that kind of longevity. I had also only ever used Eye Bright in pencil form for lining my eyes but it performed amazingly dabbed into the corners of my eyes- I love that fresh faced bright look.These are the shades with just the smallest swipe with my finger so you can imagine how pigmented they when applied!

There is something about this kit that is just adorable, I love the size of it and what you get- I think this would be such a lovely present to receive and nude eye lovers will so much use out of this.

You can purchase the Peek a Bright Eyes kit here for £24.50

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