Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I am back from an amazing trip to Poland, I cannot recommend enough you go and visit. We spent 6 days in Krakow and a few nights in Wroclaw and it was so much fun, really affordable and with so much to take in. The night life is incredible there too as is all the food- I am not sure I am ever going to fit back into my clothes!

 Just some snaps from my phone of Poland and other recent events to share- I have so so many on my proper camera that I haven't even begun sorting through them, but will get them up soon.

ready for a friends 20's themed bash
attempting boules with the family 
trying out a local hair salon
scoping out the crazy ceiling in our first Polish apartment
Incredible cottage cheese fried pancakes
a Krakow delicacy of Zapiekanka
an amazing adventure in the Polish mountains
Feeling cool on the ski lift
Ready to explore the polish nightlife
a stunning wild boar pretzel for dinner
the gorgeous love bridge 
Adding ourselves to it!

our local cafe in Wroclaw, Poland 
Cannot get my head around cream on top of ice cream
Love the artwork on the bars wall
back to Scotland to a new Christmas jumper ( in September)
Enjoying the dress up at the Doors open day in Glasgow
Lots of exciting reviews to get up on the blog, some recent empties, my holidays heroes, a new full coverage concealer, a mascara and some amazing face masks! phew!

Hope everyone is well and have had a wonderful summer, 


  1. I'd go to Poland for that ice cream xxx

  2. How exciting! it's def on my go to wish list of places to travel too, along with Glasgow!


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