Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant- worth the hype?

Deodorant is not something I would usually be that keen to get up on the blog as soon as possible but this is different! I had seen the Sure maximum protection cream popping up on various blogs in the last few weeks and didn’t think anything of it, I just thought pah how good can a deodorant be??

I could not have been more wrong- this is hands down the most amazing thing I have ever used and it has been a total blessing for me! I am not afraid to admit that I often find myself feeling sticky and wet after a long day, a commute and a gym visit and although what I was using before kept me smelling ok I still felt uncomfortable and itching to shower by the end of the day. Then after deciding to see what all the hype was about I shelled out that what seemed massive £5.30 for a deodorant and I doubt I will look back! From the moment I put it on I was in love, I can honestly say that I have never felt so comfortable and clean for the entirety of a full day and night before!

So much so I have been waving my armpits in my poor boyfriends face and yelling 'see how dry I am!' at him. Lucky guy.

If like me you are a pure sweaty betty in the summer months, or are just paranoid about it, I would one hundred percent give this a try- yes it seems like a lot to pay for a deodorant but it could not be more worth it!

I am in no way affiliated with Sure in any way- i just had to share what is a total wonder product in my eyes.!


  1. Introduced to the Dove (pomegranate) version of this by a bloke, would you believe, and whilst the price is way higher than I would normally pay for deodorant, it's well worth it. Lasted a month for me so I'm off to try the Sure version now as the Dove one was a bit too sweet. thanks for the post!

    1. Funny my boyf was asking if there was a male version seeing as how much i LOVE this! I was actually thinking next time I should maybe try the dove for comparison, let me know if you think there is anything big difference in performace :) xx

  2. Hmm, I never normally get on with creamy or "wet" deoderants but if this is as good as all that I might need to make an exception since I pure CANT STAND this mingin sweaty weather! xxx

    1. totally know what you mean, but this one dries right in- not like some of the awful roll on types - I would defo give it a whirl :0xxx


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