Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Lets get personal...

Body Hair- we all have it, but we don’t all talk about what we do with it! Some people are happy au naturel and let it grow free and some get it removed from every inch of their bodies, places I didn’t even realise it could grow! I am personally too lazy ( and poor) for all that upkeep but I do like to keep my bikini line trim just because I feel a bit more neat and tidy. Over the years I have tried, wax strips, home hot wax, hair removal creams, shaving etc etc before I realised waxing was definitely the way forward for me. Since then I have tried lots of different salons and had some really varied experiences- from being spread eagled on all fours by an adventurous Swedish waxer to being left bruised and raw from a particularly inept newbie, I feel like I have learnt a lot about what I like to have done and who to trust to do it!

nkd is the newest salon to open in Glasgow and offers a huge array of waxing treatments for both women and men. Located in House of Fraser on Buchanan Street this little boutique is discreetly tucked away and is true little haven in a bustling department store.

I opted to go all out and try their Brazilian wax and I am so glad I did, as the results are fab! My therapist Ashley was absolutely lovely- friendly, warm and efficient, I couldn’t have asked for more. She showed me into the discreet little treatment room and explained to me what to take off and to make myself comfy. The first thing I noticed that set NKD apart was the little disposable moist towelette on the bed for my treatment, I have never seen this done before and I actually really appreciated it. For anyone who hasn’t had a bikini wax/Brazilian before- you have to be prepared for someone to be getting pretty up close and personal with your nether regions, something which isn’t for everyone so this little gesture is the perfect thing to put you at ease and allow you to ‘freshen up’. It was also really refreshing not to be met with traditional relaxing music when in the treatment room,  I much preferred the chart hits that were on the Ipod to the usual whale music! Humming along to Rihanna etc was a handy distraction!

I got myself settled and Ashley came back in and we got underway, I was so relaxed as we gossiped, she just went about her work- moving my legs as she needed too and just getting on with it-so much so It was over so much quicker than I thought it would be ( a blessing when it comes to waxing!!) she had done such a thorough job I loved the results- silky smooth skin that wasn’t ridiculously red or sore. Don’t get me wrong a Brazilian is never going to be a pain free ‘ fun experience’ but as waxes go this was totally fab, pain was kept to a minimum, I was relaxed and really happy with the whole experience.

I think the range of treatments NKD offer is fab and I love that is not just directed at women. They also offer some pretty great deals which can help take some of the cost of hair removal awa-! anyone who recommends a friend as a client will not only get 25% off their friends first treatment but also £10 worth of waxing for themselves and that goes for every person you recommend. You can take advantage just by grabbing a handful of 'recommend a friend' postcards from the reception desk. Right now in July and August if you head along to NKD Glasgow you and a pal can get 50% off matching treatments - a waxing 2 for 1! To read more on that opening deal you can check out NKD's Facebook here

Overall i can totally recommend checking NKD out for your next wax, a discreet, friendly and fuss free service in such a prime location with late opening hours 7 days a week- it is not to be missed!


  1. Oh I was in Fraser's today and was tempted to go in but I've never had a wax before the thought terrifies me but maybe I will have to try it now! xxx

  2. it is scary first time you have a wax just because it is an odd situation but I would defo recommend going and seeing ashley as she will put you right at ease! maybe start with something like the basic bikini and see how you find it :0 xx


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