Monday, 25 June 2012

Xen-Tan Perfect Blend Custom Self-Tan

Last month I introduced you to my new favourite online shop for all things beauty- When they got in touch they asked if there was something  on the site that I wanted to give a whirl, it literally took me hours to pick- there are so many amazing products in stock right now I had no idea where to start!

I decided seeing as it is going in to summer (allegedly) and that I have been trying to learn to use fake tan that it was something along those lines I would go for. I have been itching to try a higher end tan to see how it compares to the couple of cheap ones I have used, so I decided on the Xen Tan Perfect Blend Custom Self-Tan. The concept looks like nothing else I have ever seen before and  Xen Tan seems to be THE tan to be using according to all the beauty bloggers on my twitter! Not only that but this particular beauty is on the Bazaar beauty hot 100 for 2012 list and I can see why....

A brand new addition to the range, Perfect Blend is an innovative new product in self-application that allows you to choose just the right colour to complement your skin tone and blend flawlessly to create a natural, olive glow. Perfect for fake tan beginners and experienced self-tanners, you can now create your own tan as light or as dark as you like and still have confidence in knowing your colour is customised to match your unique skin tone. Perfect Blend also has a quick dry formulation and contains a deodoriser that locks out self-tan odour, providing a delicious fresh fragrance.

The secret to this state of the art technology is the dual chamber that holds two separate tan perfecting formulas designed to work together – self-tan on one side and instant bronzer on the other – simply twist the dial to deliver your streak-free instant tan.

I was really keen on the idea of being able to decide what colour I want to go for, seeing as I am mega pale right now and have had some horrendous orange disasters in the past with gradual tanner, this really appealed to me and allowed me to start out a little lighter and build my way up to a darker colour. To adapt what colour you want you simply turn the dial to the amount you think will suit you most, you can have it set to more of the bronzer if its instant colour you need for a night out or more of the white self tan if its a more long lasting tan you are looking for, or a happy medium of both. The dial feature also has a lock setting which I think will be really handy for taking this in a bag anywhere or for storing.

 As I said I am relatively new to tanning but I found my first attempt on the half and half 50/50       (using the Xen Tan luxury Mitt) setting went really well. The products applies like a dream, dries incredibly quickly and doesn't have that strong biscuity smell which is thanks to the addition of Scent Secure, a breakthrough new ingredient that neutralises any nasty 'biscuity' chemical odours. When I woke up, I had a beautiful, even streak free colour that looked incredibly natural and not at all in your face, just a nice healthy looking transition from my deathly pale state- even my other half commented on how it just looked like 'my skin'- a big observation coming from him! After application it is not only the lovely olive colour you notice, but my skin is left feeling silky soft which is something I have never experienced from other tanning products.

The Colours in Action:

Pre Tan Pasty
Showered skin morning after first 50/50 application
Another 50/50 layer applied
Couple of days later, new 50/50 application to top up
End result lasted beautifully all week 
For Tan Newbies I think this is the ultimate starting product, you can use it higher on the bronzer side to get a better colour guide and avoid streaks and you can slowly build your colour up until you are happy. I wish I had gotten this from the start as it could have saved me from the various patchy/orange disasters I have had.   I found that this product doesn't give the awful fade off that my cheaper tan does, this just left me tanned for about 5/6 days and faded evenly until I  was back to my pale self. it didn't require hours of sandpaper exfoliating in the shower to try and get rid of unsightly dark patches- much less painful! After application it is not only the lovely colour you notice, but my skin is left feeling silky soft which is a nice bonus

The packaging is spot on and is realy easy to use, there is no real mess or disaster to encounter seeing as its a pump action, and I have found that the fact the outer label comes off is actually handy as you can see how much you product you have left! So far I have found I haven't needed to use a huge amount to do my upper half ( that might change if the weather is ever good enough here to consider getting my pins out!) Seeing how far this product has gone already certainly makes me feel better about the price tag, at first I did think £34.99 was too expensive to spend on a tanning product, but seeing just how good the colour is, how little I have needed to use at a time and how easy the application is I really think its it worth the price tag.

You can buy the Xen Tan Perfect Blend Custom self-Tan from  HERE.

 The product was sent for free for my consideration but as always these opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. I adore xen tan, the boy not so keen. Been a few years since I forayed back in to the world of fake tan...but it's calling for me x

  2. aahh this looks so cool! will check it out! x

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