Thursday, 10 May 2012

Skin Care Empties 2012

I love reading other people empties post so thought I would fill you in on the things I have just finished up! Sometimes I think whether or not I would repurchase an item is the biggest indicator of how good a product is, and with these kind of posts you are getting an opinion after using a product for sometimes months and just after a few weeks.

This is the first Liz Earle Moisturiser that I have tried and I have loved it, testament to that is this is the only moisturiser I have EVER finished. I have been dreading getting to the end of this tub as it is such a pleasure to use, I feel like my skin is so much softer for using this continuously for the last couple of months but at no point  has it ever felt too thick, rich or clogging on my spot prone skin. At £18.75 it is the most expensive moisturiser I had used  so far, but seeing how my skin has taken to it, I am even more aware that when it comes to skin you often get out what you put in, and it is worth every penny.
The only downside of this for me is the jar form but it is available in a tube as well, going into summer I am now super keen to give the light version for combination/oily skin a go, I think it could be perfect for my shiny summer skin ( and it comes in a mega handy pump bottle!)

Repurchase- Absolutely, in a heartbeat!

I have heard lots of people rave about this before, and was drawn in to the promise of brightening the eye but for me this just didn't wow. Don't get me wrong, I used the whole lot as it was a decent enough eye cream but for the price I think I could probably get a more beneficial one. It definitely did brighten my under eye but I felt that it was at the expense of a cream that was good and moisturising for under my eye.

Repurchase- No

When I first got blocked, troubled skin a couple of years ago, La Roche Posay was a brand that really came to the rescue for me. Their Effeclar range is perfect for my oily, spot prone skin and this daily renewal fluid was a favourite. It really helps my skin when it is broken out, using it every morning and night I found after using it my skin was much smoother and softer and definitely more clear. My skin is behaving itself a little more now ( touch wood ) so right now I am not using it but I know if my skin goes that way again, I will definitely be reaching for this.

Repurchase- Yes, when I need it

I love this stuff! It is a dry exfoliater that I use on my nose every couple of weeks to keep the pesky blackheads I am plagued by at bay. I find this totally does the trick, it is quick easy and oddly fun to use- is it gross I thoroughly enjoy watching all the horrible little flackies that this gel picks up off the skin? It feels oddly satisfying! This tube has lasted me Agggggggeeeeees so I think it is well worth the cash, I love that you use it dry, it makes it really  handy for using in a rush too for an emergency skin clear.

Repurchase- Yes

Mudd Mask (not pictured £5.05)

I have used these mud masks for years, but this was the first time I bought it in pocket form that gives you 10 applications. I have found this so useful and less fiddly to use than a sachet, and for me I got over 10 uses out of this one pack.It hasn't dried up or changed consistency at all in the months it has been open, and the mud mask itself also does wonders on my greasy face, whenever I feel particularly spotty I whack this on and it starts to feel much more smoothed.

Repurchase- always
Maybelline Resurfacer Primer (£9.99)

As primers go this has actually been one of my favourites I have tried. It really feels like it is smoothing out my skin and my make up goes on top of it beautifully. The downside with this one is the small tub, for hygiene reasons again I would prefer this in a tube but aside from that,this performs really well.

Repurchase- Probably, when I ever get through my size able primer mountain I am building!

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  1. Love this, I too am super nosey and enjoy empties posts! I'm dying to try that exfoliating rub thing and I'd defo recommend the light version of the LE skin repair, though I find it smells really strongly which is a bit weird :S xx


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