Friday, 11 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes Face Masks

Sachets of face mask make me feel nostalgic. I love using them and have done since I was really young, me and the girls would sit around feeling grown up with them on even though at the time our young fresh skin probably didn’t need any help! Now though it certainly does, gone are my clear skin days and here is my spot prone greasy mess! Montagne Jeunesse kindly sent me some of their latest masks from their Skin Heroes Range to try out and as I expected the set had pretty much everything my skin needs-from something for its dry days to a nose strip for my clogged up nose to a tea tree mask for my spotty moments, they really do cater for everyone.

The first one I have tried from the scent was the Break out Masque What I love about these latest ones is that some are two step sachets, one half the usual mask that I am used to and the second a moisturiser to use afterwards and complement the treatment. This particular mask was a mud mask infused with tea tree, witch hazel and soothing Canadian Willow herb, designed  to calm, heal and refresh the skin.
I found there was more than enough for my face in the sachet, so much so I got a whole second use out of it ( not on me though, but on the boyf- SHHHHH don’t tell him I have put that on the Internet!) I lathered on the mask ( a gorgeous fresh smelling mint green colour) and left it on for 20 minutes to work its magic.

You then just rinsed it off and applied the moisturiser and voila- utterly soft and clean looking skin, It felt soothed and clear and so much better than it dead earlier in the night. My boyfriend has terribly sensitive skin with an oily t zone and he couldn’t stop touching his skin, it wasn’t at all irritated just so much smoother than it was before and clearer looking, he loved it!

I am really looking forward to trying out the other sachets from the set, I love the range of skin types it caters too and the results I have seen from the first one has given me great hope for the others.

The masks cost £1.49 which is a total bargain for the two sided spa at home experience!

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