Friday, 4 May 2012


In the past few weeks I have dabbled with a little fake tan AND managed to apply my first ever pair of lashes- ALL BY MYSELF! To most of you this might seem like no big deal, but for me- JEEEZ I have been incapable of tanning and lashes for years and finally  I did it! No doubt this will be the very last time I ever manage it, so I thought I better share some evidence-The tan isn't really obvious as I had been trying it out earlier in that week- but the lashes are plain to see!


Foundation- Esteee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco
Blusher- Nars Penny Lane
Eyeshadow- combo of Laura Mercier Cream colour, with a mix of urban decay Creep and Gunmetal on top
Liner- No 7 Cream eyeliner in Black
Lashes- No 7
Brows- sleek brow kit and HD brow powder in Vamp

I actually loved wearing the lashes, I used the Duo glue and I think that made it so much easier to get them on. I had tried loads of time before and it just wouldn't work but this glue really made them feel secure. In the pic one of them is a little squint but thanks to the glue I easily managed to reapply and get them perfect.

I found these no 7 lashes really light and easy to wear and loved how they looked! Before I had been practising with some cheapo lashes that wouldn't take, but the shape of these ones were perfect. Totally recommend picking them up next time there are no 7 vouchers on the go!

Have a fab weekend lovelies


  1. Love it! I am similiarly challenged in the areas of tanning and lash-application so your success gives me hope mate! xxx


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