Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I was so excited when I saw this buzz surrounding this new nail varnish remover from Bourjois.When I was a little thing and obsessed by plastering my nails in any bright colour I could steal off my mum, the nail varnish remover we had in the house was a little pot that you put your finger into the sponge inside and twisted off the polish. I remember the sickly sweet strong smell of that little tub and how slowly I turned the pad inside a murky shade of blue with all the colours I would pile on my nails!

This style of remover totally takes me back there but now Bourjois have reinvented it, and now it is a hundred times better. I was lucky enough that Mai picked one up for my bday as I have heard some chat that these are selling fast in some places! The first thing you notice is the size, this is a big tub which is what i need with how often I change my nail colour ( nothing has changed there then!) Then you notice the smell, it doesn't have that pungent remover smell that I totally hate and sticks around ages after you have closed the bottle, and then best of all is how amazingly this magic remover cleans your nails. Literally it takes two - three seconds ( with 2 coats of polish on) to put a nail in, twist it round and I have a clean fresh nail that doesn't feel at all dry or stripped! I have yet to try it with a heavy glitter but I have heard very promising things about how it performs.

I adore having this to use now, no more dirty cotton pads lying about to drive my partner mad as I do my nails in front of the TV and I cant knock this over and make a giant mess, which I have done countless times before! Best of all it is acetone and paraben free and is enriched with almond oil which is just what my poor dry cuticles need!

The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover costs 4.99 for 75ml and can be found here

product was a gift from my fahhhbulous bestie and bought with her own dosh

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