Wednesday, 16 May 2012 - Your new website for beauty and skincare

As you will know from my most recent blog posts, I am really into supporting and trying out all things local to me here in Scotland. So when the lovely Gary from Bellezo got in touch to tell me about the company, I couldn’t not share with everyone else! Not only was I instantly impressed with the website and products on offer but they are based right here in Glasgow which I think is really cool for such a fab beauty and skincare and website.

I have used many beauty sites in my time, some good and some terrible so finding this is a total god send. Not only do they stock some of my favourite brands, Murad, Bare Minerals, Elemis, Xen Tan and Morrocan oil, they offer free delivery and returns which is exactly what I want from a site- Good , fast and affordable service.

I love the way the family run company describes the company on the site:

The Bellezo family has long standing tradition of working in the hair and beauty industry. The joke is we practically came out the womb with perfectly styled hair. Our founder started off a few years back with the help of his younger brother. They took over the back bedroom of the house and things grew from there. Their mission then was and of course still is, is to provide the best products with the best service coupled with a commitment to provide on hand hair and beauty advice. Such a philosophy granted us huge success almost immediately. Modest, right? But what was great for business was not great for the back bedroom, as the Bellezo operation had pretty much taken over the whole house.

We decided that, unlike most other online retailers, we wouldn't make an item for sale unless it was physically present to be shipped then and there. That kind of service means a bigger shipping and storage space. Enter the need for the new Bellezo warehouse... Plus our Mum wanted her house back.

Not only are they as personable as they sound in their blurb, but the way they describe the products makes it feel very ‘accessible’ and honest. Sometimes all the jargon companies use for their products actually puts me off, because in the end I am not actually sure what the products are for and how to use them! But with Bellezo I get the feeling someone has actually looked at and tried the products they are selling which gives me a greater confidence in buying offer free UK standard delivery and also international and European delivery which is Fab. You can follow the guys on both facebook and Twitter, and if you sign up for their newsletter or like them on their facebook page and  you will get 10% off your first order which is amazing when you look at the products on they have on offer!


I have been sent a product to review on behalf of the site but I am in no way being compensated from writing this post. I am just genuinely impressed with the site, the company and what they offer to us beauty addicts! review on the exciting product to follow!

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