Thursday, 8 March 2012

Glasgow Reviewed: Beauty LA HD Brows

Sometimes I love a group on vouchers, yes there has been the odd hairy moment where I have ended up in a less than desirable place getting my hair washed in a backroom by someone’s grandmother, but then there are occasions where I buy a voucher and it leads me to find a new favourite salon or treatment. This is what happened with the latest voucher I purchased, for the HD brows treatment at a new salon on Argyle Street, Glasgow. Being near my work and costing only £9 I figured I would take a risk and give Beauty LA a shot, now I am very precious with my eyebrows, seeing as I haven’t had any since I was about 14, the little sparse hairs I had grown in made me very protective, I didn’t want anyone swooping in with some thread and taking away any vital ones. So I was apprehensive about the experience but excited as well, I had heard a lot about the HD experience, and thought it could be just the thing I needed to give my brows some longed for shape and fullness, and I pleased to report that is exactly what I got.

The salon is bright, bold and girly, this might not be to everyone’s tastes, but it is fun, and has a lively atmosphere. Some people might prefer whale music and dark rooms but in the end it is how the treatment stands up that is most important to me, and in this salon it was fab. Danielle the therapist was so lovely, attentive and reassuring and made me feel relaxed, she took a good look at my brows and new what needed done, and I let her get to it…

The treatment itself consists of waxing, plucking, threading tinting and shaping, this might seem a lot, but they way my brows were before I can tell you it needed all these steps to whip them into shape. Nothing was painful or uncomfortable, I felt relaxed and safe with the whole thing, the atmosphere in Beauty LA was great and I was totally at ease. I was so unsure of what could actually be done for my brows, but they came out AMAZINGLY! Honestly I was dancing on the ceiling afterwards, she has helped take out the horrible boxy shape they had grown into, they looked so much thicker after the tinting and they just framed my face much better.

Not the best pictures but I was over the moon, and the biggest proof of that is I called and booked in the next day to book my next appointment! The treatment normally costs £30 which is a lot, but if you are someone like me who has troublesome messy brows then this is a real turn around experience. Plus right now the treatment is only £10 until the end of March at Beauty LA which is a total bargain for what you get!

You can book by calling 0141 237 8191


  1. Wow that's a big transformation, so good for a tenner!

  2. Oooo they look brilliant! I think I might book in! what end of Argyle Street are they on? xx

  3. I know- so much difference eh? It's in the finnieston end, across from tesco metro ( near exhibition centre train station) totally recommend it xxx


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