Friday, 16 March 2012

Glasgow Reviewed: The Academy of Make Up Scotland

A couple of Saturdays ago myself and some other lovely Scottish bloggers headed over the new Academy of Makeup on Hope Street to meet the director Sara hill and take a look around. I am doing a course in skin care and make up just now at a local college and a lot of students had been discussing the academy and what it would be like so I am so glad I got to along and see it for myself. Sara was a total inspiration, her body of work is incredible and her pride in putting Scotland on the map for makeup and session styling is fantastic. We were all greeted with fizz and nibbles and got a chance to meet new people and catch up with others, the room was set up with little stations with various new products to go and learn about too which was fab. Sara then gave us all a master class, showcasing a Marc Jacobs look on the model who was GORGEOUS, urghhhh such beautiful skin! Sara made it all look so easy, and I loved seeing what products a professional like her had to hand ( Mac Mineralise Skin finish and Illamasqua primer in case any one else is nosey like me!) she talked us through what she was using and how, and you can see how she makes such a good teacher. I am so so keen to try and take up a course there, it is nothing like the stuff we learn at college, I can tell you that!

We were then treated to a session styling demonstration showing us a Rodarte look, turning the models hair into an ultra-cool, ethereal bob which just looked stunning. She too made it look so achievable, yet so artistic too- definitely made me think of how being more adventurous with styles doesn’t need to be difficult. We were so spoiled on the day, it was a fab way to start a Saturday, getting to chat to the lovely ladies behind the New range BM beauty, Wow Brown tan and Faux lashes was really interesting, I adore finding new brands to try and getting to actually talk to the people behind the products is really insightful.

I cant thank everyone involved enough- I thought it was all such a good idea, to learn more about current hair and make up trends and discover new products to fall in love with, all whilst catching up with some seriously lovely bloggers- BLISS!

The Gorgeous BM products
Thanks so much to Sara and the gang at the Academy of make up for putting this together, if you are considering taking up make up artistry or session styling I cannot recommend checking the courses on offer here out. I have no doubt they would be intense but incredibly worth it, the work they put in to supporting past students get work in the field is fantastic and something I think it really unique to them.

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