Monday, 13 February 2012

Glasgow Reviewed: Ortak Jewellery Elements Collection

The other week I was invited along to The Ortak shop in Glasgow to learn a little more about the brand and take a look at their brand new Elements range.

I adore jewellery, definitely something that comes from my mum who has an a amazing collection with so many colours and stones to go with any outfit. Her passion for it meant I grew up going in and out of jewellery shops in any city we visited, including my favourite to explore- the Ortak shop in Dundee.
I was always captivated by the tall cases of intricate pieces, with gorgeous blends of colour and shape, that always looked so elegant.However now I am older, it is not a shop I go into often by myself so this launch event was a real chance to re- acquint myself with what Ortak have on offer.

Valentines pendant £25

The staff in the St Enoch Centre shop and from the company were all lovely, they were all incredibly welcoming and so knowledgeable and passionate about the products- it was utterly infectious! What I loved about the event was seeing the whole story of how a piece or collection comes together. Getting to meet the designers ( including head Designer Clare T Goodall) , seeing how the enamelling process works, and meeting the people who sell it on the shop floor was a fantastic experience, and one that has given me so much respect for the brand. It was particularly nice to meet Alistair Gray, the MD of the company who gave a really sweet speech that summed up the passion and excitement behind the brand as a whole. I love the fact Ortak have stayed true to their Orcadian roots and have retained its manufacturing base in Kirkwall  regardless of recession pressure that face so many businesses. A real commitment to Scottish jewellery and design is something I think it incredibly important and deserves support wherever possible.

Opal earrings £65
I found seeing the enamelling process fascinating, I had literally no idea how long it can take to create the intricate blends of colours, I totally took for granted how a necklace just arrives on your neck so this was a real eye opener.  Enamelling is something Ortak excel at and have been ahead in the field with using  innovative processed to enamel on to shapes that previously couldn't be done. Getting to see the journey in the flesh was something really special and such a nice touch to the event.
So on to the new collection the event was launching. The new pieces are all inspired by the elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Within these each element has 3 colour options, which means there are 12 colour blends in total to choose from, which you can then choose the item of jewellery from their enamel range that you want these chosen colours applied to. such a bespoke feeling service is such a personal idea, to me it means you can really find something extra special to suit your personality or create a gorgeous gift that is perfect for someone.
I am in love with so many of the colours- with 12 to choose from there really is something for every taste and every skin colouring. The impact of each of these is amazing- handily at the event there were lots of people wearing black dresses and a different one of these necklaces and matching earrings ( which were so precious looking!)This was the perfect opportunity to see how each colour way really shines and how they look on against each person, there were colours that I might not have thought of for myself, when I saw it on someone else- I instantly wanted it!

Ring £60

 Growing up, Ortak was somewhere I associated with my mother but now I am now old enough to have an appreciation for beautiful, well made jewellery myself, I realise it is somewhere for me too! The launch has absolutely put Ortak on my radar and made me fall in love with so many of their different lines, there are so many pretty pieces in their stores and on line it is the perfect place to find something special for yourself or someone else- even a last minute Valentines Pressie!
The elements collection is available in store and on line from the 6th of March, and is well worth checking out!

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