Monday, 27 February 2012

Ginerva Nude Cover BB Cream and Marvel Gel

I first discovered the brand Ginerva when Charlotte, who I have come to think of as a beauty bloggers version of a drug dealer, mentioned it. Whenever she gives a product rave review I tend to have bought it within oh, maybe ten minutes!So when she gave Ginerva Green Tea Marvel Gel a thumbs up, like  a good little addict i went off and got me some, and I really really liked it. If you havent heard of it before it is a little tube of wonder gel that gives a dry exfoliation, when I rub some around my nose it magically clears out all the horrible little black heads that clog up my nose. It has to be tried to appreciate quite what I mean, but you know when you use a bad primer and it all balls up and its a mess. It does that but for a good reason, all the balling up material is dead skin and bad bits! Sounds gross, but it works really well to clear up my black heads and leave my nose looking silky smooth. I actually tried it out on the other half last night, and he was mightly impressed, he couldnt stop feeling how smooth his nose was afterwards!

I was really excited to hear that Ginerva now have a fuller skin care line that is launching in the UK and one of the thing included in that line is the Nude Cover BB cream.  I have become obsessed with sampling different BB Creams thanks to the  all the healing properties in them and have been left disappointed by a few.This one from Ginerva however I have found to be quite different , for me it gives me a much better coverage than the Garnier or No 17 and is a better colour than the Korean brands I have tried so far.

I have been wearing this now for the past couple of weeks and it has performed really well, leaving my skin feeling smooth and covering up my uneven skin tone. The one thing that I don't like about the Ginerva Cream is the runnier consistency, once you are aware of it, it is easier to make sure you dont squeeze out far too much ( waste not, want not!) but this one is thinner than the others I have tried. This isn't too big a problem though as it does mean the products spreads nice and easily over my face, you just need to be careful not to get too much out of the tube.

Sorry for all the photos, I just wanted to show how the colour of the BB cream adapts to your skin tone. When I first got it, I thought it was going to be slightly too dark on me, but it blended on to my skin like a dream. I love that the colour isn't orangey or even worse, totally ashy like some creams I have used.It has lasted the whole day without going shiney or caking, and it feels really natural to wear, like my skin can breathe with it on. This is perfect for making me feel not too 'made up' but making my skin look naturally, even and glowing, all that and SPF 30 too- I feel spoiled! I would absolutely recommend giving this a try and now is the best time as  both the BB cream and the Marvel Gel have 25% off, yay!

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  1. The BB Cream sounds great - most of them feel really cakey and heavy on me!


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