Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas time with Rox Jewellry

Christmas is coming and the goose is well and truly getting FAT! December has been the usual mix of stuffing my face with an array of badformebuttastesogood treats and quaffing booze like it is about to go out of fashion. My party season kicked off in spectacular time a few weeks ago thanks to a night with Rox Jewellry. Thanks to the absolutely gorgeous and lovely Toni, myself and HP were treated to a fabulous night in the Rox store and thrill room in the Argyll arcade in Glasgow.

 I was really blown away by the whole event, those guys sure know how to lay on a party. We were greeted by a Moet Champagne bottle lined black carpet, then headed into the store to be met by a host of beautiful people all dressed to impress. It is dangerous to have a party in a jewellery shop, a few of the delicious Pinky Vodkas later (yuuuuuuummmmmy!) and I wanted everything in there.

HP and I were particularly taken with this anchor necklace we noticed,although there was too many pretty things to take in. I am totally in love with their new line of Crystal Disco Bracelets -the sparkliest things I have ever seen! If anyone is looking for last minute Chrimbo Pressies this is definitely the place to look.

Not only were we pampered down on the shop floor but the party continued on up in the 'Thrill Room' upstairs which was STUNNING. I had no idea that was up there! We were spoiled rotten with a gorgeous performance by Emeli Sande which was amazing, I was blown away by her vocals and she looked pretty incredible to boot! I basically haven't been able to get her big song Heaven out of my head since!

It was such an amazing night, thanks so much Toni and all the Rox gang for having us along.

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