Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Inspired NOTD +FOTD

Saturday night saw the arrival of the hotly anticipated 'A very Uddy Christmas' out at HPs house. Seeing as she had an awful time over this period last year being stuck in a hospital in London, this years needed to be extra special to make up for it. Throwing a Christmas party with lots of food, booze and close friends was the perfect way to really get us in the holiday spirit, add in a little costume element too and it was the best night.

I had a white dress so the natural choice was to be an angel, child's play wings and all, but I wanted something white and with a little sparkle on my nails to keep me angelic. I saw that 17 in Boots were doing a deal where if you bought 2 things you got a little sparkly bag with 3 polishes in it and a Nail file, and it just so happened one of the polishes wash a glittery top coat.  I bought the no17 plain white polish, got the set and then still wanted something more to make them even prettier and stumbled across the Collection 2000 sparkle top coat and I am so glad I did. The combo of these three looks absolutely gorgeous and just what I was after, the iridescent shimmer topcoats made it so shiny!

For my makeup and hair I didn't have a clue what I was after- I just reckoned it should be white, shiny and angely- so a touch of Revlon Colourstay foundation, some Benefit Bella Bamba on the cheeks and then lots and lots of Nars Albatross for highlighting kept my face right. On the Eyes I just went to town with pure white from a Sleek Palette and some silver/deep grey smudged in.After lashing of mascara I topped it off with some collection 2000 glitter liner over the mascara and in the inner corners of the eyes to add a little shine!

The finished Angel!
The party was a great success, I want to do one all over again, any excuse to get dressed up and stuff my face,

Me and Cliff Richard

A christmas tree!

I hope everyone else is getting tucked into the mulled wine and parties!


  1. Aww! You look quite sweet! Love the look.

  2. The womens sparkly ugg boots is a stylish and glittery take on one of our most famous boots.

  3. Your eyemakeup is really pretty, really makes your eyes pop!


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