Thursday, 27 October 2011

Murad Renewing Eye Cream

My first experience with Murad was when we got a sample of the acne cleanser in the Glossybox a while back- I was trialling a different cleanser then so didn't use it but I was intrigued. Not long after I was invited to a Murad event in London that I couldn't make but the lovely people there sent me some products to try out instead. One of the ones I have been using now for the past 6 weeks is the Renewing Eye Cream and have been really impressed with it.

Dr Howard Murad roots his products on "The Science of cellular water" his system for optimizing cell hydration and skin health.

He aims to "enhance the skin's barrier function to protect cells from environmental damage and dehydration while encouraging healthy cell turn-over so that surface layers have a higher population of stronger younger cells"

With that in mind I was expecting good things from these products and so far I haven't been disappointed. First things first, Murad is at a higher price point than I can normally afford, this eye cream is £63 for 15ml,but I am aware that your skin is something you have really invest in, so I was excited to give it a try.

I love the packaging of not just this but all the products i have been using, I feel they have that mix of looking scientific, expensive but not scary,  not over powerfully clinical but still clean and fresh. I am thrilled with the large pump on top of the bottle. Because of the consistency of the cream the pump doesn't generate a wild amount of product- with the price of the bottle you don't want any to go to waste!You really do need a tiny amount of this stuff, so it should last a good long while.
Of the eye cream Murad says:

"Dramatically increase moisture, elasticity and firmness. Reduce medium-to-deep crow's feet and wrinkles and diminish puffiness for an illuminated, bright appearance. Firm and restore the delicate eye area."

Now I am 25 and while I am keen to start caring for the eye area right now I don't have any major lines to speak of, so I can't report on its anti aging ability. I can report however that since using it my under eye seems much 'flatter' and far far less dark than it was. I was troubled with a dehydrated under eye area, which often brought annoying little whiteheads that were a NIGHTMARE to get rid of. Using this cream has them looking and feeling incredibly nourished and moisturised. The main thing I have noticed about using this is how bright my under eye looks- When I look in the mirror in in the morning they look so much better than they did before, which is fantastic.

I have found using this eye cream an absolute pleasure, It feels luxurious to apply and as I have seen fab results on my bags and circles, I actually look forward to putting it on! ( I know.... how sad am I?!?)The issue for me is the price still, however if I was in a better financial position I would absolutely pay for this product. With the tiny amount you need and the results I have experienced I think it is a very worth while investment.

Right now you can save a huge 20% on all Murad Skincare on the website by using the promo code save20.

Has any one else tried Murad's products yet?


  1. Ohh this sounds good, i love Murad products!

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