Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Mirifique and Ebloui

On my recent London extravaganza, I was the luckiest girl in the world- HP produces a little present she got me in duty free, I was SO excited. I was lusting after the new Chanel eyeshadow in Ebloui since it came out, it is the perfect rustic cranberry shade with complex shimmer. That kind of shade is my absolute go to shade for going out and I love how it makes brown eyes stand out. I felt so spoiled, and I couldn't wait to try it out- the texture of these new shadow/mouse/cream type pots are like nothing I have ever felt before, and the colour pay off is absolutely incredible. Sorry for all the pics, it is just hard to capture the exact shade as it changes in the light!

But then a week later- DRAMA, I open my little pot of magic and it has shrank, fully by about a third and now was just a lump that was left over. I was literally gutted, it is probably the most gorgeous little pot of anything I have ever owned! I know you fellow make up lovers will totally understand that devastation, I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to do. Some googling led me to seeing other reports of the same thing happening to the same shade, so off HP and I went to Chanel in Glasgow to see what they said. The ladies there were very nice and said they would change it but they didn't have this wonder shade still in stock :( So I swapped it for the incredibly eye catching shade- Mirifique.

Look at all the different colours it shines!
 Mirifique is absolutely stunning, It makes an amazing liner, and when the sparkles catch under the light it is gorgeous! I haven't worn it blended out yet, but I know sheered down it will give an incredible wash of colour on the lid. It could be absolutely perfect for a smoky eye. I am so sad Ebloui didn't work out though, one day it will hopefully be mine again, but now I feel so lucky to have tried both!

Did anyone else splurge on these wonder pots?


  1. I bought this in Illisoire (sp?) and love it! I've heard about possible shrinking so I'm too scared to buy another! There are three other shades I love the look of though...boo! I'm in Glasgow too - I always go to the chanel counter in Debenhams - the assistant there is lovely :) xx

  2. The cranberry shade is orgeous, totally gutted to see that it shrinks. The black sparkly though....ooo girl you got me in the mood for xmas! xx


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