Wednesday, 7 September 2011

They Say, I Say: Sally Hansen Insta- Dri Top Coat

Seche Vite, we have had some great times together. You have allowed me to go to bed right away without pillow marks all over my nails, you have given me endless shine and you have taken the waiting part of the manicure away. But we need to talk, we haven't always got on famously: you have peeled, shrinked my polish a little, gone gloopy and unmanageable, and there is that small matter of all the warnings being thrown around about some of your ingredients. So this isn't easy for me to do, but I think we should have an open relationship- I am seeing other top coats.

There are so many other quick dry top coats out there now so deciding was hard, but I wanted one that was  reasonably priced, gave a good shine and dried very very quickly. Now it is early days yet but so far things are really working out with me and my new Beau, Sally Hansen's Insta Dri. Priced at £6.08 in Boots and after hearing some great reviews of it, I had to give it a whirl.

 They Say:

Long-lasting shine, chip resistance and a great manicure that dries fast and lasts.The exclusive acrylic polymer complex dries any nail colour in 30 seconds. Nail colour stays true thanks to UV filters, which prevent fading, yellowing & discoloration caused by sunlight while offering superior shine.
I Say:
For £6  this top coat really packs a punch, it is not quite the lightening dry of Seche Vite, it does take 30 seconds but that is a small price to pay if it means I have a bottle I can use right to the finish without it turning into a gloopy mess. I like the runny wet consistency of it, I find it glides over the polish really easily and doesn't drag or ruin the colour. I have only used it a couple of times, so I will keep you updated if it falters but so far it has kept my nails chip free, and without the peeling I have experienced recently.
I can't fault Insta Dri so far, I think it is performs well for the money and would totally recommend it for anyone looking for a change from Seche Vite. I will continue to put it through its paces and let you know if there are any changes :)
Anyone got other quick dry top coats they can recommend?


  1. I'm currently using this top coat and I think it's OK, it does dry pretty quickly but it sure doesn't protect my nail polish from chipping up to 10 days.

  2. I use this aswell and was fab first few applications but unfortunately for me it went a gloopy mess, to the point where it went sticky like glue and stringy (if that's the word lol). So I was thinking of buying Seche Vite but I don't know now hmmmmm....
    I might just buy a thinner- decisions!
    I hope you get on with it better than I did.

  3. @Gaby ten days- I doubt mine will ever last that long either- Will let you know:)

    @ Danielle OH NO!Fingers crossed it doesnt go that way for me, (Seche Vite definately does!) I think you might be right it might be time to give in to a thinner.....

  4. Vita Liberata did a great one, but I think they've discontinued it as they seem to be focussing on tanning products now :(


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