Friday, 19 August 2011

NOTD- Chanel Graphite

So last night myself, HP and Teen decided to dash to Boots to see the new  Illusions D'Ombre De Chanel Collection and it did not disappoint!

The polishes are gorgeous and the long wear eye shadows are TO DIE FOR! I am madly in love with the copper shade:

Photo from
There are some incredible swatches at Tempatlia you can enjoy here

HP picked up the stunning nail polish in Graphite and whilst sitting in Ikea enjoying our meatballs we couldn't resist cracking it open, the excitement was too much! So here it is in all its glory, only one coat but my what a coat that is. It applied flawlessly, not chunky gritty glitter that doesn't spread, and even in one coat it looks amazing. I cannot staring at my nails trying to decide how to even describe it, it is too complex to get right! In come lights it looks Olive green, then gold, then pure silver, So I am settling on calling it s pewter like shade maybe? What ever colour, it is basically gorgeous :) 

Sorry for all the photos, I took so many trying to actually capture the colour!
Happy Friday everyone,

Much love 


  1. WOW! That's really quite lovely. Totally worth the price point I hope! I can't bring myself to get it. I'll have to create a suitable dupe.


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