Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Fairy Hobmother visited me!

Ladies, in case any of you out there haven't noticed there is a little bit of magic spreading around blog land right now...

The Fairy Hobmother from Applicances online has all been flying all over the Internet granting lots of wishes to lucky people- and a few days ago one of those lucky people was me :) I was over the moon!

It couldn't have come at a better time either, its been a really tough week, Ally and I were away for his birthday enjoying the comedy festival in Edinburgh and were awoken in the hotel by a call early in the morning saying my new flat was flooding all the floors below :( queue a mad rush back to Glasgow to spend the day getting upset and trying to sort the damages. Later in the day- our washing machine started to leak and has to go to. After weeks of sorting all this out it was really upsetting and comes at a time when I am totally penniless! I logged on to my emails though and there was one waiting for me from the lovely Fairy Hobmother herself saying she wanted to grant my wish of something pretty for the flat and so she sent me a lovely Amazon gift voucher- isn't that amazing!

I know that she is watching over these posts and would love to know what the lovely BeautyH2T readers wishes are and who knows maybe on of you will have yours granted next.....

Leave me a comment and let me know what your heart desires!

Happy Wishing everyone,


  1. How lovely for you to have a fairy hobmother visit! What a panic for you though :(

    I'd love some new music and books to keep me occupied during travel commutes and holiday.

    Lets see if the fairy hobmother visits!

    Computergirl2007blog (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

  2. How amazing is this? It's been great watching blogger's dreams come true all over the internet lately!

    My wish would be for some new recipe books. I'm a terrible cook but I try my hardest! I'd love to learn how to whip up some new meals so that when my in-laws come to visit in a few weeks I have a few culinary tricks up my sleeve. It would be nice not to feel ashamed of my kitchen skills. x

  3. This is the cutest thing ever! I'd love to get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother.

    It's my 23rd birthday tomorrow and I'd LOVE some more reading material to celebrate with (books!) cause I'm a complete bookworm! Its either that or a boyfriend! Haha!

    Katie's Beauty Blog

  4. Oh, I hope your bad luck does NOT continue! Glad your luck changed when you needed it the most! :)

    Dear Fairy Hobmother.. My wish is for an amazon voucher because I'm currently saving up for a laptop so that me and my little pain in the bum brother won't have to argue over the ONE computer in my house! It would make life and school work (see, always thinking of the educational side ;)) much easier!


  5. Aw this is so cute!
    I wish for some new clothes (or vouchers for new clothes!). I'm hopefully starting Uni next month and have very little clothing. It's a new start so I want to make a good first impression!

  6. Oh wow lucky you, I'd love a bit of the Fairy Hobmothers magic over here, we've had a helluva time with the flat, shower breaking, toilet blocking, washing machine flooding the kitchen and finding out our cooker was gassing us lol, its been great haha.
    Hope your new flat isn't as bad as mine, thankfully landlords given us a new cooker but to top it all off I've lost a little bit of weight because its stressing me off my head so none of my clothes seem to fit now.

    Can't wait til everything is fixed and back on track lol.
    I'm sure it won't be long though x x

  7. Dude! I feel so selfish, you have been listening to all my problems this week, and I didnt even know this had happened to you :( What a nightmare. Really not the stress you need right now eh? Thats very nice of the fairy hobmother to sweep down and give you a little boost :)

    If the fairy hobmother could erase the last 2 weeks of my life, then that would be great. Or even let me up in the morning and for my recent troubles just to be a dream? :( After just coming out of a 3 year relationship, all I would ask for is a little bit of love and light to keep me distracted and help me to stay strong and get on with my life. Big ask, eh? xx

  8. Dear Fairy Hobmother, I think I would need some clothes for back to school! I'm so poor with my univeristy student budget ):

  9. Oh god I hope you are okay gorgeous thing. Sounds like you have been having a rubbish time....glad the fairy hobmother sorted you out.

  10. Oh no, I hope you got everything sorted! My roof is leaking at the moment, its no fun!

    I am about to move in with my boy and be all adult, so I would love a blender to make some tasty meals a la Jamie Oliver!

    Anna x

  11. Lucky you and congrats on your visit! I am hoping for a visit….I’d love a bread machine but cookbooks are nice too!


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