Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

The sun was here! Yup little ole Scotland actually saw some real live, long overdue, burning heat, glorious sunshine this weekend and what a weekend it was!

HP and I went to a murder mystery on Friday night which was a great laugh. I have always wanted to go to one and I adore any excuse to get dressed up, so we threw ourselves into the 20's theme!

It was loads of fun and now I am itching to do another one! The morning after myself, HP,her sis Teenie and their (super) mum- Mamma Mac all packed up the car and headed up North to go and visit their Granny. It was a completely glorious day, I adore travelling in the car when it is nice weather and the scenery is so gorgeous. HP had made a pretty spectacular range of Cd's to keep us in full voice on the road too. We had an amazing weekend their, i got to explore the whole area, see the beaches and the lighthouse and sample lots of tasty home cooking :) I also slept like a total baby up there- it must be the fresh air! I didn't want to leave to come back to busy Glasgow yesterday because we had had such a lovely time.
A Mermaid!
The wonderful Granny Weir

Heading off on an adventure
Enjoying our Sunday Sherry

A trip to the amazing ANTA
Teenie the Giant
Getting my Tyra on!
taking in the amazing views
Sorry that is a lot of pics but we took so many when we were there, I had to share some. HP's Granny was recovering from a big op she had only a week and a bit ago and she is doing marvellously! It was so nice of her to let me  come up and stay, I can't wait to go again :)

I hope everyone had a similarly wonderful and sunny weekend,



  1. Your weekend looks like so much fun!

  2. Love your snaps, watch your dog, bamboo pru, eggs ETC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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