Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Raindrops on Roses

My new favourite things.....For now!

I have been so cheeky- I am on a total spending ban apart from buying household stuff for the new place but then I broke and ordered the Sleek Oh So Special Palette. I just had to- honest! look at all the gorgeous colours, and from what I read it packs a great pigment punch, for 6.49 that is well worth it..... ( Right!??)
Set Of Tea Coffee Sugar Tins PantryDOTCOM GIFT SHOP Blue/Green/Pink Rose Cake Tins

I have been getting proper carried away with getting all the things for the new place- I don't even know if it will all fit! I have spent all the pennies I have on little things to try and make the place really homey! I seem to have developed a duck egg blue addiction- it is going to be EVERYWHERE in the flat!

My new wallpaper for a wall in our room, I absolutely love it and can't wait to see it up there and sitting with our new bed....
SVELVIK Bed frame with slatted bed base, black Length: 206 cm Width: 148 cm Footboard height: 106 cm Headboard height: 131 cm Mattress length: 200 cm Mattress width: 140 cm
I am also madly in love with Gumtree right now, I cannot recommend it enough to anyone in the UK how is looking for new furniture/household goods/anything! I have picked up some absolutely fantastic bargains in the past few weeks which have saved me a fortune. There is of course loads of random crap for sale on there- which is worth looking at just for a laugh but in amongst that are some real gems.

 There is one another little gem that I am absolutely loving right now....I am almost ashamed to admit it, I may or may not have just indulged in a 6 month old Canon 500D. Yup another Gumtree bargain that I am proper excited about. It means that I am all out of savings and I probably could not have bought it at a worse time- but hey! I am in love with it, and cannot stop sitting experimenting with it. I am really enjoying reading stuff about using it properly, watching videos and tutorials. I can't wait till the move is out the way and I can get out there with it and get practising!

I will not have any money till roughly 2014. Oh dear!

 Keep your eyes peeled- I will be announcing the winner of the my giveaway shortly :)

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  1. money is there to be spent :). you spent it well. so happy to have discovered sleek make up recently, that palette is gorge.

    Helen, X


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