Monday, 11 July 2011

Blog Love-In: Katie's Beauty Blog

This weeks Blog Love-In is inspired by a superb post from one of my favourite bloggers. I don’t know if it was her in depth views, honesty or just that superb header photo that got me hooked on Katie's Beauty Blog all I know Is it that her posts always stand out in my reader.

The post in question that I just loved recently was on skincare- I have long loved the work of Paula Begoun and I think she has a lot to teach us all about keeping our skin in the best condition, Katie recently was lucky enough to meet her and then shared her wisdom in her post here, if you have ever had problem skin then you MUST check this superb post out.

Katie's Beauty Blog has some superb in depth reviews, a range of excellent products featured that I don’t often see on other blogs and some startlingly stunning photo's and swatches. This little lady is one incredibly talented person, her photography work extremely interesting ( I love the stuff on ghosts) which you can see here, she has even had her work shown in the Tate Gallery in London- a HUGE achievement. Katie always manages to show off new products superbly, and her creativity with make up is inspiring- just look at her Gaga tribute:

If you are not already following this superb blog I thoroughly recommend you add it  to your reader now :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


  1. She's so pretty! Following her now, I love these posts to find new blogs :) xo

  2. That Gaga tribute is amazing! We're going to go check out Katie's blog now. :)

    We are also now following your blog & we'd love for you to visit us sometime at Her Late Night Cravings!



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