Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Boudoir Prive- Glossybox but better?

No  doubt you will have seen a million posts/tweets in the beauty community surrounding the Glossybox, which I told you about here. I am definitely on the fence regarding this one, I really wasn't impressed with the email informing subscribers that the price was going up as of the September boxes, and I don't think giving people such varied contents on the box ( rouge bunny rouge lip gloss in one, random shower gel in the other) but I still adore the packaging, the thrill of seeing what you get and well basically I am addicted to receiving post! I still love the idea of people getting the chance to try out some fab brands that they wouldn't think to try out otherwise. Which is why my intrigue has now led me to The Beauty Box from Boudoir Prive which launches in July.

The boxes will cost £10 a month (including postage and vat) and this time contain 6  high end samples, the feedback system with this company is also better than the Glossybox as they will be offering discounts to buy full sized versions of the products sent in return for  your feedback. The deluxe samples will be spread across 6 categories: skin care, body care, hair, make up, fragrance and lifestyle and will include very established brands and some new one including some picked up from the amazing  beauty hall at Liberty London. Now that definitely gets my beauty pulse racing!

Right now you can head on over HERE to sign up to be notified of when the site is up and running and you can put your order in for the first box-  if the first month of Glossy Box is anything to go by ( Hello full size Nars Illuminator) then I cannot wait to see what comes with this little beauty! According to Boudoir Prive's facebook the site should be launching around the second week of July but if you sign up you will be notified as soon as it does.

I am definitely intrigued by this and after the lukewarm response to the June glossy box will be hopefully giving this service a try. Don't miss the chance to sign up to the Beauty Box now.

Disclaimer- I have not been asked to write this, I am just addicted to things in miniature and know I am not alone so wanted to spread the word :)


  1. I wasn't signed up to glossybox, but this box seems far more appealing, not forgetting more for your money. I too have signed up, so I look forward to see what happens :)


  2. Hi BeautyH2T! This is Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Thank you so much for the super sweet blog post! This is the first blog i have read that picks up on the fact that one of the brands in the box are also at Liberty which is great. The brands we work with are exclusively luxury. Not necessarily the most famous, so some you may know, others you will not. All have been carefully selected by our experts for being the best quality. Some even have A-list celebrity fans. I hope this helps, any more questions, just shout!

  3. I haven't signed up, for the fear of being disappointed with glossybox :( In two minds what to do about it, £10 is a nice round number, I am really annoyed the price has went up! I think I might sign up for boudoir and see how it goes :) xx


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