Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Body Shop Colour Glide Lip Colour

To get me out of my nude lip slump and prepare me to get a bit of colour in my life I have gone down the route of trying a few pinks. I wanted to share my favourite of the moment The Body Shops Colour Glide Lip Colour in Shade 55 Pure Blush. I bought this as part of the Group On extravaganza a couple of months back and it has not disappointed.

I really like the small compact feel of these lipsticks, it does feel little in comparison to other lippies but you do get 4g of product which doesn't strike me as bad. the colour goes on really easily, which makes it a pink I can slick on pretty carelessly and it looks good. I cannot remember how much one of these retails for which is a pain I know but off the top of my head I think they are reasonably pricey at around £ 9 which is more than I would usually spend. I got this one for free as part of my deal but I am really pleased with it and probably would repurchase thanks to its performance. It is an incredibly moisturising formula which I love as it feel nice one, not at all chalky. It is long lasting and doesn't fade patchily.I think the colour is gorgeous and is pretty build able, here I am wearing it below with a touch of Gosh Darling below to bring out the pink even more. On its own it is just a lovely pinky sheen that brings a really healthy look to the face.

Here is it in action- a bit of overkill on the blusher but focus on the lips people!


  1. That's a lovely shade, and it really goes well with your hair and colouring! xo

  2. oooh, such a pretty, girly shade on you love xx

  3. I actually think this (blush and all) looks perfect on you! These are the kinds of colors I can't wear as someone with darker skin - it ends up looking cartoony. But it's nice to see them done so well.

  4. @katie marie- thanks so much :)x
    @Girlinthecity you are a doll, so much more girly than I am used to!x
    @eden-Avalon that is so sweet- you really made me smile with your comment xx


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