Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blog Love-In: Little Blog of Horrors

This weeks Blog Love-In is for one amazing blogger by the name of Ayden. Little Blog of Horrors is such a superb, addictive read. Filled with amazing pictures, adventures and stories of Ayden's life, she does an excellent job of making you feel really part of it all.  I adore her sense of style and love seeing how she incorporates her accessories to really pull an outfit together,  that twinned with some amazing tattoos and blonde streak in her hair and she has  a pretty kick ass vibe going on!
 Ayden is such an honest,genuine, hardworking and talented  person and I have been really lucky to get to know her through blogging. It is actually her birthday, verrrrry soon! So this post is to point you in the direction of her fabulous blog and to say a very


To this very special blogging lady!


  1. N'awww love this! Ayden is one of my favourite bloggers. :) x x

  2. aaaah, you're a wee cutie toots! :) x

  3. Ruuuuuth :') You are amazing! Thank you so much for this. Your kind word seriously brought a tear for my eye, you really are the best ♥ xxxx


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