Wednesday, 18 May 2011

They Say, I Say: Tresemme Colour Revitalise Shampoo

After a terribly disappointing performance from the Botanics Shampoo I bought to help with 'Red Hair Fading' Syndrome and I was on the hunt for something better.  Yup RHFS is definitely a real condition (!) and I think I have found a possible cure...

Tresemme Colour Revitalise Shampoo

They Say:

TRESemme vitamin e & aloe colour revitalize shampoo gently rinses out dirt and grease but still maintains color-treated hair's vibrancy and salon-fresh richness. Its unique, color-locking complex saves vivid hues from fading. UV filters guard against damage from the sun and pollution, while its conditioning formula (thanks to its vitamin E and aloe) restores hydration to keep hair shiny and healthy.

I Say:

I am really impressed with this shampoo so far,in comparison to the Botanics it is a treat to use. It is a creamy formula that I usually stay away from for fear of the dreaded grease, but it actually performs really well. It has a good lather, rinses out incredibly well, gets rid of a lot of tangles and then leaves my hair feeling clean and nicest of all, glossy. I haven't found it has given me greasy locks at all, and it certainly did more for maintaining my red colour than any others I have tried so far.

 I continue to be impressed with the value for money that comes with a Tresemme Shampoo- those huge bottles are perfect for any bathroom and need replacing left often than many others.I would definitely recommend anyone with coloured hair gives this one a try- It costs £3.26 for 500 mls in Boots and most Supermarkets/ Pharmacies

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  1. I haven't tried this one but I love the herbal essence one,
    when I had "normal red hair" I used to use this awesome henna shampoo stuff that looked a bit like blood but was amazing at keeping my colour in, I cant for the life of me remember what it was called though.
    Red Hair Fading Syndrome is definately a condition and I seem to be suffering from it at the moment (oh dear) only wish it would be excuse enough to pull a sickie from work :p


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