Monday, 16 May 2011

They Say, I Say: Botanics Radiant Red Shampoo

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was jam packed,was at a fantastic dance show on Friday night, then Saturday I headed off to Edinburgh for a long overdue catch up with all my girls from the home town! It was a fantastic evening we did a salsa class together which was hilarious fun, I have never shimmied so hard in my life, then stuffed our face with Tapas before heading out for drinkies. I over did all the wine and ended up in quite the state yesterday- it is not big and it is not clever, I seem to be regressing. Oh dear.

So  I wrote the post below last week before Blogger went mental, so its pretty outdated now thanks to the fact I have since dyedd my hair again...more on that later this week....

As someone who has been dying there hair red for over a year now I have become accustomed to just how quickly the colour fades away a sort of murky tint. Sexy. I still didn't want to throw in the towel though as I love the deep red shades when they are freshly done. On the hunt for a wonder product to reduce the fade rate I have tried a few different things, one of which is the Boots Botanics Radiant Red Shampoo.

They Say:

The rich tones in red hair can fade or look dull due to mineral deposits or frequent colouring.
Botanics Hair Radiant Red Shampoo uses Henna that protects and shines.

 Rich in anti-oxidants to help protect natural colour and shine, henna has traditionally been used to bring out the tones and highlights in red hair. Botanics Hair Radiant Red Shampoo also uses Honey which adds rich moisture. Dermatologically tested.

Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance.

I hate to say this shampoo did not light my fire one bit. I have given it so many chances but no luck. I find no matter how long I rinse and rinse for I cannot get all of the shampoo out and then afterwards my hair is just left feeling, lank and sticky. I know with a henna shampoo like this, it is not the same of your run of the mill shampoo with a huge lather but I just could not get used to the feel of this at all.Not a great experience in the shower, far too much work with little pay off. Because of this I didn't get a chance to use it long enough to compare its anti fading powers to other shampoos! It costs £3.05 from Boots, and of course what works for one wont for another so if you are a 'red-head' then maybe it is worth a try but for me it was a total dud.

Any one else had a crap shampoo recently?
I say:


  1. thanks for the heads up, i was considering buying this but won't need to now :) x

  2. @emma I would def try others first, review to come but after this I tried the tresemme shampoo for coloured hair and it was MUCH better! xx

  3. Oooh, I have an unlikely shampoo tip - when I was home in Belfast a few weeks ago, my mum only had the Alberto Balsalm tea tree shampoo and conditioner which she loves but I've always been a huge princess and refused to use it as I thought it looked cheap and rank. Had no choice in the end and it's amazing! The packaging looks cheap and it looks so basic but I really recommend it and ran out to get it when I got back! Great lather and the first shampoo I've tried in months that actually washes out and leaves my hair all bouncy. I've been searching for links to it to no avail but I'm sure there's one for coloured hair. It's only a pound or so too! xxx

  4. Uch thats a shame this product was a bit of a dud :( I dabbled with red hair for a while but I did find the upkeep too much. Excited to see what youve done with your hair now gal! xx


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