Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Raindrops on Roses...

...I'm no Julie Andrews but these are a few of my favourite things:

Rapidlash: I finally gave into myself and bought Rapidlash, HP has been using it for a while and loves it, when she pointed out it is £25 on Amazon ( as opposed to £40 in Boots) I decided I needed a treat. I am currently smothering my brows and lashes in it at night so fingers crossed for big results!

Friends blogging: I have been meaning to link to these bad boys for AGES but keep forgetting so here it is:I adore reading other peoples blogs and find it really exciting when people I know are doing it, a couple of friends of mine write superb blogs and I totally recommend you go and take a look.

Lovely Caoimhe from C0loured Lights

Fabulous Clara from Fashion Fix

Batiste XXL Launch: I am hugely excited for the launch of Batiste's XXL Size cans and the Volume XXL formula- reading the reports from the launch, this volume formula sounds out of this world and exactly what I need for my hair. Grease be gone and mega volume, thank you Batiste! For all of us who go through hundreds of the normal cans they are releasing large versions ( think hairdresser size) of some of the best. Perfect for having in the bathroom and all still for under a fiver. Roll on the end of May so we can get our hands on the new range.

Gosh Long Lasting Brow Pen: I have long lusted after the Suqqu Eyebrow liquid Pen since my beloved Lisa Eldridge uses it. Alas because of the cost  and the places you can get it, it is yet to be mine. But thanks to the lovely Stina I am off to buy something that might just give me that brow fix. I cannot wait to get to Superdrug and pick up Gosh's Long Lasting Brow Pen- I am so excited they look just what I need ( want!)

Kiss Ever Easy Lashes- HP has got me SO excited to try these out, being the lash guru she is she spotted these and since watching the video I cannot WAIT to try them out. The idea is simple and seems such an obvious one- you use the attached string to get them in please, take away the string and boom- gorgeous lashes!

La Femme Blush on Rouge: Now La Femme is a little known company here in the UK but their blushes are a long kept MUA secret that I learned while on a set one day. Since then I have only had the joy of only owning one seeing as they were so hard to get hold of. Well not now and trust me soon enough EVERYONE is going to be talking about them, why you might think, well because they are DIRT cheap, yup in the UK you can get them for £2.99 a pan from Love Make Up or you can do as I just did and buy a monster a 12 pan palette from Make Up Mania in the US for £27 including shipping- that is a lot of incredible blush for the price. Will get a review up as soon as it arrives, I am so impatient I want it now!

Whats floating your boat right now?  


  1. OOooooh I'm so excited to try these eyelashes! They come on Sat - bought you a pair too! I bought a new eyebrow pencil the other day but not too keen on it, what is the GOSH one like? Does it come in different colours? xxx

  2. Thats awesome to have friends blogging now!

  3. @mairead SHUT UP- you got me some Ahhhhh you are an Angel,I cannot wait. I will still get it wrong somehow like forgetting to take the string off- good look. GOsh one is like an actual felt tip pen, 3 different colours- not sure the shade they cover are the best but defo worth going to see. this might give a better description



  4. I really want to try rapid lash, let me know how it goes :) xx

  5. Awwww wow thank you so much, just so nice of you :)

    I'm going to hotfoot it out for that GOSH pen too after seeing on Stina's blog yest! Mmmm can't wait, I too was dreaming of the Suqqu one for so long! Looking forward to your monster palette review, looks incredible! xxx


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