Thursday, 19 May 2011

Glossy Box for the WIN!

You might have seen this all over your reader but I just needed to share in case anyone missed out!Glossy Box is the UK equivalent of the popular Birch Box in the US, basically you pay a little cash and they send you a box filled with gorgeous samples. EASY. Now they have only just sent out the first ever set of boxes and they have not disappointed! Sadly I think I signed up literally just after the May cut off, but wanted to let you know how fab the goodies inside were.

Photo from 25FLondon
You can see reviews here and here

All I can say is MEGA JEL- Nars Orgasm Illuminator, that is some goody box right there. The box is gorgeous never mind the goodies inside.

You can cancel paying for it at anytime, so you can either get one every month for a tenner or treat yourself in the months you need it :)

Love it!


  1. what!?! we have a version of the Birch box?? I was so jealous every time I seen a Birch Box post! Haha i'm signing up right away :D


  2. This is so pretty, really want to sign up - a tenner a month is just a few less trips to starbucks! And look at all the pretty things you could end up getting :) xx

  3. Glossy Box seems so much better than Birch Box! haha. Do you know if they ship to the U.S.?


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