Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Girls Day Out

On Saturday myself and a gaggle of other beauty bloggers braved Glasgow's Girls Day Out at the SECC. I say braved becuase thats what you have to be to get in amongst the huge crowds of women there, when there is shopping and drinking to be done the elbows definately come out! But we survived and had an ace time, I was actually lucky enough to get to go twice as me and HP braved it too, it was quieter when we went so I had lots of time to peruse the stalls without all the girls, and of course that means double goody bags :) I am such a sucker for freebies!

The lovely Stacey of Nude Obsession organised a swap for us  and it was the best idea ever. All of us have odds and ends lying around that just weren't right colour or formula for us,  so getting to swap these for other peoples was so much fun. We each put some items in a gift bag and walked away with a whole new set- I felt so spoiled! I got some Neutrogena Moisturiser, No 7 matt Primer, A stunning body shop bronzer and a collection 2000 lip gloss. All  of which I have been playing around with since!

Here is a little pic of all the goodies from the weekend, I was lucky enough that the gift bags were different on the days I was there so I ended up with lots of new things to play with.

A freebie I was excited to try out is the toothpaste- I have heard lots of great things about its whitening capabilites so  here is hoping I am soon to have a dazzling smile!

As someone who is mega sad and reads an embarrasing amount of wedding blogs, my favourite thing in a lot of American Werddings is the use of a photo booth for all the guests to play around with. I think its an amazing idea for lots of different events so was exctied to see one at the G.D.O! Of course that meant all of us had to pile in to one and get a snap for our blogs:

Bloggers looking FIERCE!

A big hello to all the Ladies who were there to make it such a fun day:

Jewlie at

Linsay at

Hailey at

Adrienne at

Loren at

Lori at

Ayden at

Stacey at
If you haven't already visited their blogs then I totally recommend you do it pronto!


  1. Woo hooooooo! :D Haha check us out. My huge face is taking up far too much of that picture, I do apologise. Great goody bags/freebies too eh? I dont need to buy any more makeup for quite a while! :) was great seeing you again girlie, hope it aint too long until the next time xx

  2. How fun - and now you have lots of new products to try!

  3. I spot no 7 primer......*hiss

    Looks like a pretty lovely day though missus! xx


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