Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blog Love-In: Lipglossiping

You have all heard / used Bloglovin, well now it time for my very own Blog Love-In ( see what I did there!)  One of my favourites things about this little Internet world is discovering lots of different kinds of blogs to read and follow. I wanted to start a little a series that helps you lovely H2T readers find new blogs to peruse and share with you new  and old reads that I really rate. So without further ado I give you the....

First up is one of the first beauty blogs I had ever come across:

 Charlotte from Lipglossiping has me in stitches regularly, and has some of the most detailed and frank reviews of products I have come across. That combined with her out of this world photography makes her site one of my most visited. I totally trust her thoughts on products and she has led me to discover some of my most loved items to date. Her site has recently had a massive revamp and on there is a wealth of stuff that I spend an embarrassing amount of time poring over, she has painstakingly organised all her content into handy sections. I would definitely check out the inspired 'Round Table' feature at the top of the page, your place to ask a probing beauty question, and help out others looking for advice and tips.

Well, there you have it, I get to share some love and hopefully you get a new read. If you haven't seen Charlotte's stuff before I cannot recommend enough that you check it out.



  1. What a fun feature!

  2. Thank you SO much, what a lovely RAOK to brighten my day xxxx

  3. Lipglossiping was also one of the first blogs I ever started reading too! :) Best reviews and great pictures too, totally agree with ya. I think you can REALLY trust Charlottes opinions to be genuine and completely unbiased xx


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