Thursday, 5 May 2011

Benefit Brow Bar

Just before I headed off to Berlin I was lucky enough to get to go and meet with the fabulous Andrew from Benefit. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting a morning it was, getting to hear all about the new skincare collection,seeing  the latest released products and a hearing a few sneaky tips to what is coming up next... My lips are sealed ( for now anyway!)

Benefit is a company that I realised I just do not know much about, but when putting on my face for our encounter I realised I actually was wearing 6 Benefit products in my daily routine and I hadn't even noticed it! So they have things that I adore the packing of, use quite a lot but  "Ooooh I must go and browse the Benefit counter" does not always pop into my head. Most of the Benefit products I have owned have been bought online, I have only actually visited the counter a couple of times but I have heard quite a few people say they often find the 'in your face' technique of the sales people a little 'too much'. But I can honestly say after meeting with the team that I was impressed with how customer centric their attitude to service is, passion is definitely incredibly important to the brand.

What I found really interesting was when Andrew explained to me about Benefits Brow Bars being at the core of the brand. In America and other places Benefit are  all about the brows and the brow experience is what people flock to the counters for, but here we are only just getting round to this. Now as regular readers will know, I have terrible brows, they have long been my sense of paranoia, resentment and envy of others which I explained to the the Benefit team, but then they managed to persuade me that honestly everyone has something there that they can work with and I had to let them do a tint and wax.

Andrew and Andrea had explained to me that most of the people who get their brows done are considered project brows, brows that need continuous work and with regular care and attention from the trained specialists they can walk away with the stunning Hollywood arch that I crave! Hearing all this had me taken in, could it be true and under years of pencilling, powdering and over plucking there really was some help for me...

So I let them take charge and took my seat at the Brow bar- taking my brows off in public was a big step, after being years of battle with them  I at first felt a little silly, but a couple of seconds in the chair, realising no one was staring at me and I was at ease. Andrea was a total darling, she helped me relax from the get go ( she even whipped off one of her own brows to show me what she really had hiding under there- now that is dedication!) It literally took a few moments for her to tint my brows darker and wax away from above and below and then she showed me what it had done.... Now there was no way she was ever going to be able to instantly mend the big gaps I had created just a few days before from picking and pulling, but honestly I could have cried- they looked HUGE in comparison to what they had been and although she had little to work with thanks to the brow mapping she had done on me I could see where she was guiding the shape to grow in- it really felt like a huge experience for me and one that I didn't think i would ever do. I had heard beauty therapists before in high street salons bitching about girls coming in to get brow waxes who had "like no brows, what do the hell do they expect to get done?"

Well my time at the Benefit counter certainly goes to show that is not true. I then had my brows filled in with one of some Brow Zings ,a touch of wax and powder and I had big  power brows, like the Brooke Shields I  have always desired! I honestly could not stop staring at them so from here on in I was to promise Benefit that my brows belong to them, that I was not to touch, pluck or  play with them until around 4 weeks or so had passed and it was time for another session and I can honestly say that this little part to the session has actually helped my amazingly. Now that I know that there is hope for these little stragglers I have been SO much better at picking and pulling at them, I am going to try my hardest not to disappoint and proudly go for my next wax with a little more up there to work with!

 Now I don't have any pics right now of my eyebrows sans powder but here is a recent FOTD I did for Superdrug where you can see the brows how they are and hopefully you can see there is a difference there. 

I have a few products coming up to review soon which I am excited about because in their trial run right now I am totally in love! I want to say a huge thanks to Andrew and the girls out in Silverburn I had the most amazing morning with them and really look forward to meeting again soon! 

So who else has made a brow bar visit? Are you used to the idea of getting your brows done in public?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post- all opinions are 100% honest and my own-the enthusiasm shown was by being blown away by the experience!


  1. Benefit counters are the only places I trust to get my brows done now! They're hard to find where I am though so I have to wait until I go home to manchester - I still think it's worth it :) They always do a fanastic job with my wildly long eyebrows haha.

  2. You my goreous have above averae brows. I'm still in doubt about benifit as a brand, especially with their emphasis on sales. Feel there are stronger brands out there, yet still trying to find my dream waxer/threader in Glasgow (4 years here and still at a loss). GAH MY SOUL

  3. brows look amazing

    I adore your blog, and am following

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