Thursday, 7 April 2011

They Say, I Say:The Beauty Works Clear Zone

A little while ago the lovely Natalie from The Beauty Works sent me the Clear Zone system to try out. I had heard of this before after seeing it on a few sales style websites and I was really intrigued with both how you use it and what exactly it does for your skin. Like anything I am sent I like to give it a proper full trial, don't want to go shouting my mouth off saying something works great and then a week later-breakout mania!

Well with this little beauty I am happy to report it has had no such bad effects and has actually helped keep my skin a lot fresher and clearer than it has been in a long while. Now I of course can't 100% say my improved skin is wholly down to using the Clear Zone but I have changed little else in my life and since using this I really have felt a difference.

They Say:

Based on Salon technology, the Clear Zone painlessly zaps the bacteria on your skin which causes spots, blemishes and acne. The Clear Zone produces Ozone, which exists naturally in the air. It is a gaseous compound which is formed by the interaction of UV light and electrical discharges with oxygen in the air. The Clear Zone generates Ozone with High Frequency current, which is efficient in sterilising and controlling the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. This will either prevent a skin disorder developing or help speed up the healing process in an acne condition.

Sooooo basically this little gadget helps sterilise your skin, helping to combat pimples and acne. Because it is germicidal it help kills the pesky bacteria causing the spots- Just what I needed. It comes with its own mirror with stand, and the wand part is on a cord so you have flexibility.

I Say:

I was not totally sure about how this experience was going to be, the booklet explains that you can hold the wand close to a particular spot and it would quite literally zap it- this put the fear in me, but I was happy to discover it is entirely painless. Beauty works recommend for oily problem skin like mine that I use it for 8-10 minutes every other day which you then lowered as you go on, I actually found taking the time out to do this really therapeutic. You feel a sort of warm, fuzzy sensation as you glide this round the face, the only thing you really notice is the smell- don't worry its not a horrible smell,  its just a noticeable smell. When the Ozone is generated you can smell a sea salty type scent which I found so random, but totally liked- sort of showing something is happening I guess.

As they have said this is not a fix all machine, it cannot actually just cure acne, so I wouldn't go into it assuming you are going to come out with celeb smooth skin. That being said, the results I have seen have been pretty amazing and I would totally recommend the Clear Zone to anyone looking to invest in their skin, trying to keep problem skin at bay and looking to get a glowing quality to it. My skin looked far fresher and brighter after using this only a few times, I was impressed with how quick it was!  my skin started to heal up so I have lowered my usage but am looking forward to keeping this up especially when the hormonal breakouts appear. I am so happy to say it has clearly helped lower my oily skin issues, I am far less shiny than I was before and definitely more radiant. This little beauty is perfect for any skin type and handily will go with any skin care routine you are currently using.

Available from The Beauty Works for £39.99


  1. hmmm interesting fangled machine! good luck xx

  2. Glad it worked for you - I'm tempted to try it myself as I've surffered with bad skin since my teens and I'm still getting breakouts at 23!

    But I can't help but think it might be a bit of a gimmick, I thought sebum caused spots and not bacteria? Hmm....

    Anyway, glad it worked love! Looking forward to meeting you next week :) xx

  3. @kirsty, I thought the same didnt think it would really do much. but it seems the bacteria clearing has reduced the amount of sebum my skin seemed determined to create! Cannot wait for sat :) xx


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