Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday, Monday

Do you ever wake with a weird feeling?

Like something is about to go wrong, or a strange anxiety about something you just cant work out what it is? I woke up with that today and I just can't shake it off. I feel all uncomfortable in my own skin almost and I can't quite explain it. BLEURGH. Most likely it is because it is Monday and I am tired, it has been a tres busy weekend: I went home to do the huge unpacking job in the parents new home and it was one hell of a task- they still have another huge load of stuff and furniture arriving today. I wish I was still there so I could help out- there is just so much to do! Place is looking lovely though, really excited for the folks getting themselves really settled and enjoying the place.

As  break from unpacking mania, Mum, Ally and I went off to a local Antiques place for a mooch around ( and to eat Scones) 'Twas Mothers Day after all! I adore antique places so many random and pretty stuff to scour through. Mum ended up getting a big candle holder type thing for the living room and Ally got me a tiny little cameo ring that is so cute, but seeing as its for my birthday he has taken it away from me until then, that's 22 days away :( I have always been impatient.)
A blurry ring snap!

Trying on EVERYTHING I could at the Antiques place.

So to cheer myself up and any fellow Blue Mondays out there, a few weheartit snaps to get us through the afternoon:

Much love, 


  1. i needed this this morning:) thanks girl! mondays always give me the blues least it's a sunny one here in n.c.:)

  2. Gorgeous pics! I hate waking up with that feeling :(

  3. Aw gal, I know that feeling which you speak of :( I hope it passes, and that it's only a monday thing. Today is my first day off and I don't know what to do with myself :( Worrying a bit, but will feel better when I keep busy and ovbs when I see you gals at the scottish ballet thing soon :)

    LOL at the pic of you at the antiques place! haha aww and your wee ring is so sweet. You got plans for your birthday? Not long now eh! Bet that antiques place had beautiful furniture? Would love a proper old school dressing table. Anyways gal, hope you feel a bit better soon <3 xx

  4. i sometimes do get that feeling. and i can't shake it off till night. it's so weird.:|

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