Thursday, 14 April 2011

In the Press

Why that is little ole me in this months Dare magazine, free in Superdrug stores all over the country! What a treat, I so enjoy the amazing things I have gotten to do since starting blogging and for some reason this tiny little picture  really made me smile! How sad am I?

This leads me on the most exciting thing yet, on Saturday I am off to meet a group of some of my most favourite bloggers ever! We are going shmoozing in the oh so fabulous Blythswood Hotel and then going to see the amazing Scottish Ballet  in 'Alice', how exciting is that? I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and having such a fancy day- what a huge treat! 


  1. this is awesome!! Saturday sounds like it'll be great, enjoy every minute you deserve it darling xxx

  2. Aaaaah so proud! :) This is great missus! I was at the Blythswood today using up the voucher David got me for christmas, I didnt wanna leave haha xx

  3. oooh, get you - can I say 'I know her' now ;) ... looking forward to Saturday lovely x


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