Thursday, 3 March 2011

They Say, I Say: No 7 Gel Eyeliners

I have seen lots of buzz on blogs surrounding the Spring collection from No 7 this year. The lipsticks look gorgeous even if I am dubious about their cardboard packaging, the nail shade I saw looks dreamy, but it was the gel eyeliners I was instantly drawn to. I loved the colours on offer, the packaging and the consistency just looked so creamy. I just had to explore further....

They say: 

For instant allure paint on your colour of choice with the brush applicator and flick out at the ends. “Fabulous gel eye liners to focus your Bardot Kitten eyed look. Gel formulations are so much easier than liquids because their creamy texture allows for a longer application time…so time to perfect your flick!  In three great shades, black is a total classic, blue is a chic and softer alternative to black and the creamy bright turquoise is just fabulous for making a bold eye statement.”

I Say:

I am a huge fan of these liners, they so far trump any other affordable gel liner I have tried. Incredibly pigmented and smooth these go on like a dream and so far with some UDPP underneath they really last all day. I was even impressed with the tiny brush, usually any free brush is total crap and an instant throw away but these ones although not ideal ( they are built for tiny little hobbit fingers) but it does the job just fine. There was just no drag at all when applying, and the colour payoff was absolutely fab. At first I thought the 'blue' shade was more purple but when applied it is a stunning cobalt colour, that would look fab with a blue or purple colour added on top. The turquoise looks amazing as a splash of colour on the lower lash line, and I am wearing the black today which is an incredibly easy to apply flicked liner that I am loving! The packaging is spot on for this collection and the frosted glass jar is really chic.

Each liner costs £10 which is definitely worth it, HOWEVER if you get your buns to Boots now there is 3 for 2 on and if you add in your £5 no 7 voucher (free if you spend over a fiver on anything) you can get all three of them for only £15- a total bargain!


  1. I'm gonna get the black gel liner I think. I did 'test' it in Boots last weekend but wasn't sure about it.. Now I think I am :P Thanks for the post! :)

  2. Ahh it looks really nice on you :) I've got the black one but I just can't get the hang of putting it on!

  3. They look good! I bought the new Maybelline one last week - the brush it comes with is really good as it's long, a v black, matte formula but I need a good primer to keep it in place and not on the socket line, wish I'd seen these first! Ps. LOVED your blackground post, I'm generally so scared of a smokey eye, also, I hadn't looked at Lisa before ARGH I LOVE HER!

  4. @ Miss A- no problem, hope you enjoy :)

    @ Look! I still after YEARS of putting it on still can end up with it all over my face!

    @Caoimhe I have been tempted to try the Maybelline one so much but have been really happy with this. Do you use UDPP at all? So glad you have found Lisa now, she is my absolute favourite!


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