Monday, 7 March 2011

They Say, I Say: The Body Shop Tailored Cheek Tint

So how many people ended up buying one of the amazing Group On vouchers I mentioned the other week? I was so excited to get in and pick up a few goodies I have been eyeing up for some time. Straight into my basket right away was the tailored cheek tint from the Brush with Fashion range, in collaboration with the London College of Fashion. I was really keen to get my hands on this as the idea of the product tailoring itself to each person is an interesting one, it works like the quirky Barry M green colour changing lipstick ( the one that turned a pinkish red when applied). The cheek tint applies almost clear in colour and then adapts to the PH balance in your skin and becomes a sheet pink flush on the cheek, this will vary in colour dependent on the PH levels from person to person.

They Say:

This clear gel magically transforms on the skin into a pink blush suited to your skin tone. It features collectable packaging designed by London College of Fashion.

• Customised colour
• Features an integrated synthetic-hair brush
• Limited edition

I Say:

Pros- I love the colour it gives, a real pop of health, rosy apply glow that looks really natural and youthful.
Texture when first applied is almost like a primer, it feels incredible soft and this makes it very blendable as the colour kicks in. I think in the summer this will be a really handy product to slick over a tinted moisturiser and head out the door, a fresh long lasting glow that takes seconds to apply. Don't let the hot pink name scare you as it is not at all scary when applied and you can build it up to a colour you are happy with.

Cons- I still don't love anything that has a brush attached, the germ factor is never great for the skin, and it is difficult to really clean. You can however apply it to the back of the hand and apply from there as you like. However this does lead to my main issue with the tint- PINK FINGERS! yup that great lovely stain that ends up all over you finger from blending! It is easily removed you just have to remember to do it, or people will not be looking at your lovely rosy cheeks they will be eyeing up your odd coloured fingers.

The tailored cheek tint will set you back £10 from The body shop and regardless of the cons I still think it is a great item to have, it is small and easy to use so good for popping in the bag and keeping with you or for wearing for a light  summer look. It feels different from any other blusher I have and for that and its pretty packaging- I am really pleased with it!
Much love,


  1. I think the colour is pretty, but you are right about the brush. Maybe give it a clean with brush cleaner every so often to remove the build up? xo

  2. I often think the body shop are overpriced for what they are - and things with brushes always give me the ick factor - and should only really be used for glosses. That said the colour is wonderful.

    Also - barry m colour changing lipstick, still on my lust list. xx

  3. The color is so gorgeous!


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