Thursday, 17 March 2011

They Say, I say: The Body Shop Brow Definer

 I have ridiculous thin, rubbish eyebrows through years of Trichotillomania. Something I used to be so ashamed of but as I have grown older I have learnt to accept it and how to try and combat it when the urge comes along. Because of this I always have to pencil in some form to my brows to cover the big gaps. I have tried so many different,pencils, powders and waxes and always on the look out for another to try. So when I was armed with my Body Shop/ Group on voucher and spied this brow definer I knew I had to give it a bash, in case it was my long awaited HG brow pencil.

They Say:

A range of slim-line powder pencils that provide natural-looking colour to shape and define the eyebrows. Available in a variety of shades to suit most hair colours. Dermatologically tested.

I say:

 I wanted to love this pencil, I really did. I was really pleased with the colour of it, it didnt have that annoying reddish tinge to it that so many do. But its consistency for me, totally let it down. I found that even though it is billed as a powder pencil the texture is far more creamy than that which is where the problem lies. It is so soft and creamy I find for accurately filling gaps it is not precise enough. To get a good shape and natural look it just doesn't work. I found the wax feel just meant with every little flick it just took away what you had done before as opposed to creating natual looking hairs.I in no way want harsh looking lines from a pencil so you would think a soft pencil would work but I find this one is just too soft.

 This is not to say that it might not work for anyone just looking to plump up their brows a bit and keep them looking tidy but for anyone with brows like mine I don't really recommend.

£8 for an eyebrow pencil I think is pretty steep for what you get here, as it is so soft I imagine you would get through it very quickly with everyday use. You know what also bothered me, the blimming lid comes flying off far too easily- I could never carry this in my bag!

So my hunt continues.... I am loving using my MUA Matt brown eyeshadow with a slanted brush on my brows just now but I don't find that as time efficient for when I am in a rush or on the move.

Any brow suggestions are totally welcome :)


  1. My eyebrow pencil is GOSH and I really like it. Mine is a v dark grey-black colour, and it's soft but not too soft, and stays put all day! x

  2. I got my first ever ELF haul the other week, and got their eyebrow kit. I love strong defined eyebrows, so chic (even though mine are hidden by my fringe...), and after just using the Rimmel pencil and admiring my sister's Urban Decay brow kit/Mum's Estee Lauder (moneybags!) for YEARS, thought the ELF one would be good. It's FANTASTIC, only £3.50 and the powder and wax combo means I just use a wee bit of each and they're perfect! And really natural. The brush it comes with is too small to use easily, so I just use a longer one I have, but it's so cheap I definitely recommend, and I reckon it'll last ages! xxx

  3. I have the exact same problem. Thankfully, I no longer pull my hair out but I am left with sparse eyebrows. The best and cheapest brow pencil I have used (for my medium brown hair) is George at Asda'a brow definer pencil for blondes. I think it was less than £3 and it came with a spoolie/brush. The blonde isn't too dark for my pale skin tone and it doesn't seem to have that annoying ginger tint that so many brunette pencils have. It was a bit hard to use at first but after a while it softens and is easily applied. I hope this helps.


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