Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Get your Crackle on!

Barry M's much sought after instant nail effects polish created quite the stir when it hit our shores. Many were divided on the look it created, a marmite situation if ever I saw one. I for one like the idea of an easy, fun way to mix things up polish wise but just wasn't a huge fan of the black. Well soon enough I will have a whole host of options thanks to Barry M and Models Own!

Barry M have announced they are releasing their nail effects in a Cyan Blue and a hot looking Pink to help people jazz up their nails to a whole new level. No word on price yet but I imagine it will be £2.99- 3.99. ( Image courtesy of Louise)

Now not wanting to miss out, Models Own (along with WAH) have gone and created a whole range of vivid crackel polishes in the form of this smash up collection- so your nail art choices are endless! I don't even know where to start on which ones I want to try from this lot:

 The black and silver ones can be bought in Boots Stores from the 20th April and the rest will be available from the Model's Own site.

Will you be going mad for a bit of Crackle?


  1. Ohh i my have to pick up a few of the models own versions the shades are so pretty :) x

  2. Wow this trend seem to be very big right now! Not sure I get it though...

  3. I love this trend - when you nick or chip your nail colour, you can hardly tell! The crackle is perfect for hiding it, ha ha! These sound awesome. All I've seen lately is the Katy Perry one...thanks for sharing doll!

  4. Strange side question... what does "marmite" mean? I tried googling the new vocab word, but I come up with a type of food?

    Also, i really want to get in on this trend, but it is not an affordable one.

  5. I have never tried crackle nails, for fear of messing it up! But these new models own ones look pretty too :) have a great weekend girlie xx

  6. Such a good idea! Can't wait to get my hands on the really colourful ones!


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