Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Brandalley: Discount OPI and The Balm cosmetics

A quick heads up ladies, for those who don't already use discount sale site Brandalley, today they are doing really good sales on OPI and also Balm Cosmetics. If you missed out on the likes of The hot Mama Blusher in TK Maxx that you have seen on lots of blogs now is your chance to snap it up for only £7.50. I love the stuff and have 2 of them so I totally recommend.There are loads of gorgeous looking things for sale I just had to pass it on. If anyone wants to join the site ( it's free) and get access to today's sales just leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it on! Getting referred also means if you buy anything you get a £10 voucher for your next spend- and I get one too- in the words of the great Charlie Sheen "Winning".

Happy Shopping!


  1. You will be proud - I joined group on today! Don't really understand this one tho.. Can you send me an e-mail to my gmail account and I can have a look? Ta!

  2. I'm already signed up but you can send me an invitation to my gmail address for freebies for us both :)

    Also did you see MSE post today? 50% off code for body shop til friday, hurrah!


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