Friday, 18 February 2011

NOTD OPI Show it and Glow it

Glitter in nail varnish to me is something I love to look at but never wear, knowing how long it will probably take me to get off in the future means it I am put off. However glitter shades do leave me staring at the complex shine in the bottle for ages and sometimes I break and just need it on my nails regardless of the hassle. This happened recently round at HP's, I was already wearing LA colours polish in shade Summertime, a baby pink that I love! It is my first experience with the brand and I was very pleased with the consistency and brush on this, it only needed one coat and dried in no time. It had lasted for 4 days with not a bit of tip wear before I added the glitter.

OPI's Show it and Glow it is a stunning mix of fuschia  pink and silver glitter that is really multi tonal in the light. I could have swirled the bottle round in my fingers for hours, I am a magpie for shiny things!Desperate to try it out but unwilling to take the removal process of it layered all over my fingers, I decided to slick it on French Manicure style and see what happened.

 I loved it- described as 'garish' by  the other half ( thanks Ally), I couldn't stop staring at my nails, they were so pink and shiny and LOUD! I loved it, shop assistants seemed to love it and that was me happy. I really layered it up to get an even mix of glitter and then threw on a little Seche Vite. With glitter polishes I always expect them to peel off or chip within minutes but this one lasted perfectly for 3 days before I gave in and peeled it all off- easy, probably not good for your nails but fun :) like pulling PVA glue off your hands when you were in school!

LA colours are available from Cherry Culture for only $1.49 and OPI's Burlesque collection that Show it and Glow it came from costs around £10 and is available on Ebay here.

I think after reading so many nail blogs I am itching to get creative- who knows what is next!?



  1. so pretty!

    my nails are really short - i need to grow them asap, so i can experiment too :P


  2. This is such a great idea! I bought show it and glow it and two other polishes from the burlesque collection. I love the others but the show it and glow it looks really tacky on my nails especially against my skin tone. I think I might be able to get it to work for me like this. Thanks for the idea :D

  3. That looks so gorgeous!


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