Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mac Blackground Paint Pot

I think i can sense a paint pot obsession heading my way- I don't know what it is about them that I love but I just think they are so sleek and versatile. I haven't worn a proper smoky eye in so long, often I find just piling deep eyeshadow on deep eyeshadow just makes me look like a messy drag queen which 9 times out of 10 is not the look I am going for! I want a quick, lazy, fool proof but still gorgeous looking smoky eye, one that doesn't budge and doesn't look too 'done'. So after a busy afternoon at work watching Lisa Eldridge make up videos work  catching up on lots of important work related stuff. I saw her suggesting Mac's blackground paint pot as a good base for a simple but very effective looking smokey eye, the very eye look she used on Cheryl Cole for the Elle cover:

Now I was under no illusion that trying out blackground for myself was going to give me Cole like features but I was mightily impressed with how simple Eldridge made the smoky eye seem  by using just the paint pot as the strong base and a just a sweep of a black/grey eyeshadow on top. So naturally on a quick visit to town I found myself at the Mac counter checking the pot out in the flesh and then purchasing, I really do need to stop don't I?! But to be honest I so glad I picked this up. Now I can't vouch it being entirely budge proof (or foolproof for that matter) but on the whole I am delighted with its performance.

Mac Say: A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. The next generation of a popular M·A·C formula, Paint Pots maintains all the intense traits of its inspiration. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking, blends smoothly over the lids.

I say: I love this, I found it so easy to use, I took a flat brush, picked up a bit of product and just slicked it over the lid, it doesn't drag too much and doesn't dry too quick so really have enough time to cover your lid as far as you want. After 2 thin layers it was obvious you could just buff a soft blending brush over it and wear it alone and as it is designed as a base it could last a night out!  I carried on however and put a quick layer of the accessorize duo shadow over it and it was over so quick, it looked blended, sultry and not messy.

 I added a think layer of gel liner just for definition, some False lash effect and I was good to go. So much quicker thank any smoky eye before, and it looked so much better.  I cannot say it is entirely crease proof as I still wore UDPP underneath but I do read that with out primer it lasts well. You are never going to get a cream eye product that is 100% crease less but I this one lasted a good 7 hours I saw no movement.  I have since worn it as a liner too and it looked fab, the colour is not flat black so there is real lift to the eye. I cant wait to try it out under lots of different colours,I can imagine it really makes blue and purple shades pop and add some special. Its so simple I cannot recommend you get one enough!

Mac's Blackground Paint Pot is availalble for £13.50 at Mac Counters and Online.

Terrible photo, but the only one I had time to take- I am also hoping it is the light that is making me look quite so 'blushed' :)

Any other paint pot lovers out there? There are so many shades I want now!


  1. mac is amazing, and can do no wrong, and you, my friend are gorgeous:) i've never tried these paints! i love my mac blush though!

  2. I love MAC Paint Pots! I find that if you are using it as an eye shadow base you need to blend it out.

  3. Your look turned out great! I love Lisa Eldridge's videos too :)

  4. i looove your smokey makeup! i've never tried mac's paint pots before, but my friends are always raving about them. :)


  5. @vintch- you are always too sweet! I only have one mac blush and I am so keen to get my hands on more,I have become a terrible blusher fiend :)

    @kate- Working on my blending skills to get it just right. So much easier than my old efforts at the smokey eye!

    @Katie- I know isnt she just fab, and gorgeous to boot!

    @Sweatshirt- you should totally give one a go, there are just too many colours to choose from!


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