Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I'll tell you what I want

What I really, really want!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and messages after my last post. It has been a difficult few days to say the least, added to by a pretty meaty wisdom tooth infection taking over and making my face look pretty blimp like. It never rains but it pours I guess. I am going to get back to blogging next week hopefully, Friday is going to be a horrible day and I am really dreading it, alongside saying goodbye to my darling Grandad I have to move out of my family house- they had to be on the same day eh? It feels like I am saying goodbye to a huge chapter in my life, something I didn't think I was ready to leave behind.

But onwards and upwards I guess, tis the only way to look. So I have been wasting my time picking out all the things I am so craving to buy but massively cannot afford......One day my pretties, you will all be mine!

Mac Paint Pot

I have been lusting after Mac's Rubenesque for an AGE, i think it just looks the most stunning little creation in the world. After reading Fleur De Forces post  about a very similar benefit dupe I obviously had to get that but there is nothing wrong with still craving my original love is there??

The obsession with these little pots does not end there. I am also really torn on getting Painterly and Bare Study, I  am not sure if Bare Study will be too frosty on me, but I know I really like the idea of Painterly as an everyday neutral base for eyeshadow and something I could just wear alone to even out my lids.

Melon Pigment

Continuing my obsession with all things rose gold I am so itching to one day get the Mac Melon Pigment, it is so hard to tell from online swatches, maybe it would end up too orange/gold on me but I am dying to try it out, it looks so gorgeous!

Cream Cup lipstick

I had no idea there were so many Mac things I was lusting after. I have heard so so much about this lippie. Some of my favourite bloggers seem to love this shade and seeing as I adore a nude lip I think this could be right up my street.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour

I keep seeing little glimpses of these being mentioned in magazines, and on some blogs. I have stopped myself buying so many times as I really need to stop spending cash but I am in love with them, every single  shade to be exact- oh dear. I think out of them all I love cherub and life most, thanks to some incredible swatches on the darling Charlotte's page.

Bella Bamba

Benefit boxed blushers and bronzers do not susually really appeal to me, however since they have changed the packaging a little and relead this totally gorgeous shade I have to say I am tempted. I still thing the price is pretty huge and maybe I would choose a coveted Nars blush first but for now this is totally on my list. I think it looks so pretty!


And just becuase it is my greedy fantasy list I will finish it off with a cheeky little Deborah Lippman nail lacquer that caught my eye today- Daytripper looks a stunning coral pink  that would have a great opaque finish on the nails.
Have any of you got or want any of these products? What is it you really really want this month?


  1. Keeping you in my thoughts, I know youve got a tough week ahead.

    Bella Bamba is gorgeous, my favorite Benefit boxed powder so far :)

  2. that blush looks gorgeous ,, and love benefits boxes =/ super cute ,,
    and also wanna try cream cup

  3. i did a post on my first ever paint pot a few days ago :)
    i have cremecup too - it's a really nice colour (: you should definately give in and buy it!

    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

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