Thursday, 24 February 2011

£1.95 Stila Eyeshadows+ £6.50 Benefit

UPDATE- Since this post went up an extra 40% deal on M and M ended sadly and now the shadows are £1.95 ( instead of the original 99p), still a great price but just be aware before ordering.
I have to thank the lovely Nicolleta and Ashlie for this hot tip and just had to pass it on! If you head on over here to M and M Direct right now they are selling Stila single pan eye shadows for just £1.95- yup that's right. Now I only have one Stila Palette which is superb, fab quality and pigmentation, really smooth and blendable, so I  am so excited to try out the single pans. There are loads of really lovely neutral colours on offer on the site- so obviously I bought them....ALL. Oh dear, they were a big bargain so totally acceptable yeah!?

If you are an eyeshadow fiend get over there and snap them up! Also worth mentioning they are selling the Benefit Miss Popularity powder highlighter for only £6.50, I managed to talk myself out of it for financial reasons but it does look lovely so take a look!


  1. Ha, well done on getting them all :)
    Will have to browse and see if there's anything I fancy :P thanks for the tip :)

  2. Great find, however when I clicked on the link the shadows are £1.95.

    Still, great savings!

    Emma x

  3. I bought 6. I wish I found out earlier because some gorgeous colours are sold out :(
    I've never tried them and kind of regret buying them but hopefully I will like them! x

  4. @ emma, Thank so much for letting me know- they have gone up a pound in like 2 hours- off to ask why! updated post now xx

  5. @Louise really hope you like them, I hate that regretting feeling but I just dont get it early enought to stop me :P

    @Miss A hope you get something you like x

  6. hey :) haha sorry about that it is the one thing from that collection that I have been wanting forever but if it doesnt suit I know who to send it to ;) haha! Thanks chica :) Im glad I have now found your blog :) xxx

  7. Hey so sorry you missed out on 'oh so fair' beauty powder, but thankyou for commenting anyway because I found your fab blog :) Thanks for the mention also, very kind :) xx

  8. what a great deal! thanks for sharing this! i've never tried stila eyeshadow before, but i've heard a lot of great things about it. :)

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